Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Episode # 395 - September 30th, 2014

Thanks for your interest, but this episode is no longer available to view online!
But don't fret... this episode and a whole bunch of others are available to view
in the fifth Kyle's B&B book collection, "Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: Inn Mates"
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In fact, next to that are links for all 5 of the Kyle's B&B book collections!
(As well as the book of figure drawings "Kyle's B&B Presents: Drawings of Drew").


Ardenwolfe said...

Do I detect a bear? ;)

Michelle said...

Please don't let this guy be a skinhead!

Anonymous said...

Is Price getting his very own Drew Danvers (albeit with less chiseled physique)? I always though Price would find true love with Richard

JLeeJr said...

Major attitude there.

Bud Morries said...

Ok ...this is getting a little old we see price who is naked yet again.it is all rooms again I mean how many episodes Do we get to see him like this?..... (1) kyle has a business to run and seeing Price naked all of the time would ruin his business Because its more off a speakeasy as opposed to actual bed and breakfast and we all know that reputation is everything. (2) We never see kyle and Breyer have any sort of disagreements at all. Which is unrealistic. (3) I'd like to see Rudy interact with the other older guy there. (4) back to Price: his attitude is rude, catty. It's not cute, New, or fresh at all. He started in on Lance and definitely started running the wedding cakes by putting some on Lance ' best suit....I sense that Kyle is getting a backbone and is looking fora new tenant and that's where this new guy comes in. If kyle can throw his friend richard out once then price is out of the door...(5) speaking of Richard, the BEGINNING storyline was great and very very very intriguing but how it ended fizzled....Greg has an interesting comic but characters like matt, Jeff etc are who is like to see more of but I'm over Price to be honest with you....

RedBear1961 said...

YES! I agree with Bud Morries. EVICT PRICE!!! He is an ASSHAT!!!

Mark said...

Why Greg, you old Fox! It that a bit of shaft I see in panel 6?

Oh, and don't listen to the haters. Price is fine exactly where he is. If I knew of a B&B with guys like him and Brad constantly walking around in their underwear or less, I'd be moving in tomorrow.

Bud Morries said...

mark and therein lies the problem. Gay people it seems want drama, trouble, and also the unhappiness with being inside of each others business. Now not all gay people are like this but it seems as if majority of the ones that I've encountered are. Its sad really because its saying that a group of people can't be happy without causing trouble and therein lies the problem. If you were to move into a building like this with the character like a price there is nothing that you do would be safe and you still would welcome stuff like that which really makes my point

nReilly said...

Jake, I think I am in love!!!

Ardenwolfe said...

Keep in mind, this is not real life. This is a comic strip. A story. So 'drama' is not only needed to make a story great . . . it's required.

To make such a comparison is silly. It's like saying Star Wars didn't need Darth Vader because he was mean and a drama queen.

Hello? He was a villain! THE villain. And so is Price.

In fact, he is the only source of drama within the story save for cattiness from Richard.

Price is a bastard. And he better stay that way for story sake.

Bud Morries said...

Ardenwolfe: point taken but we all know of gay men like Price but his story is getting stale and as such, it's easy to ignore. I was merely making salient points about a business and how is conducted... Poor analogy about darth Vader because last time I looked, he wasn't naked all of the time... It seems as if certain people can't operate without drama. I don't get this whole gay fascination with that but hey its only a strip... But realistically wise: the reputation Alone would kill his business... that said this new is a bear and hopefully Greg won't clone him and then him into a brad, Drew clone...But I'm just saying that price cattiness is now dull and predictable... again, no big deal

Ardenwolfe said...

Actually, it's a good analogy because you're making the same complaint. Darth Vader is always wearing black and always armored. And a black cape? Please that's so cliche for a villain.

On that note, I'm going to say what everyone is thinking: your endless correction and criticism is tiresome. I even looked through your history. Apparently, this 'cattiness' is also YOUR thing.

Might I suggest you give it a rest before YOU become stale and easy to ignore? Because, quite frankly, the only one who wants to read your continuously negative criticism and commentary is you.

If you can do better than Greg, please do so. We, as a community, would love to see you try.

Now, please get off the broom, because it's also becoming dull and predictable.

Bud Morries said...

Nice. You have no real reply to my points. However, I'll indulge you for a moment while I'm on break....
You brought up darth Vader so you should stick to your own analogy. Is not my fault that it's a poor one. Villians can come in many forms however but you never alluded to that fact.
I'm sorry but I thought that joan rivers passed away recently and toy don't look like her so you staying that "your saying what everyone is thinking" is nothing more than a cop out. No drama isn't my thing. I'm merely pointing out something that is repeated behavior....
You say that I'm the only one that reads my comments but apparatuses you do too because you respond to them. Deep down inside you want me to respond because 1. You live the attention and 2. It's a clear indicator that no one responds to you, even on this comic strip. So keep your insecurities to yourself.
As far as my "doing better than Greg" I too can easily draw like this but my thing is numbers and math and that's what my degrees are in but when toy put something up for public consumption, is fair game to criticism so....I don't draw for the "community" never have, never will and besides have nothing to prove to anyone...
Its like I previously stated, you care because you like the negative attention. It intoxicates you. How sad that is....
PS: I could care less what anyone here thinks of me because they do not define me...

Ardenwolfe said...

Let me ask you a question? When you reread your comments, do you find them overall positive or negative?

Please look over mine for the last year or so. You'll see a glaring difference. If you so dislike the blog, please feel free to stop reading it. Because, you see, I have gotten quite a bit of positive responses. And I try to always make a kind comment.


You've gotten your comments removed and the comment section locked.

Let's be clear. Greg gives of his time, freely, to produce these comic strips for our entertainment.

Do you really, I mean seriously, believe you're actually helping? And the ironic part?

You are Price. You give nothing but drama and catty comments. Always negative. Always snarky. Always snotty.

I mean, look at this nonsense. "I can easily draw like this but my thing is math?" Again, seriously?

Oh yeah. Trolls like you 'intoxicate' me.

I response to your 'comments' because it's time you were told the truth.

It's tiresome. And to use your own words, "Gay people it seems want drama, trouble, and also the unhappiness with being inside of each others business."

Hello? What do you think YOU'RE doing?

Enough of this nonsense. Please, for the love of God, find something positive to say from now on.

Your criticism isn't constructive . . . it's destructive.

And, again quite frankly, not necessary to voice every two weeks.

There's a reason the comments are no longer anonymous.

Think about it.

Bud Morries said...

Ardenwolfe :
I'll take the last sentences this time: I don't respond every 2 weeks. It's only certain episodes now.
If someone can't take criticism than he or she shouldn't be in the arts and such. You have to have rhinoceros skin. Is the only way to get better at your craft too. And besides, when I was wrong, I admitted it but when I'm right, I don't cave in. Not to anyone. Period. If that makes someone uncomfortable then oh well...I have written positive. Evidently you read what you want to read.....
Now to the rest: I read my comments and I like what I write. Even if it's an apology or criticism.
"Comments removed" "blocked" etc. Oh well. It happens. And what's your point?
You say that I'm like Price. But you live to see him in the strip so what does that say about you? You don't want him to change or anything according to your posts "for the sake of the story line" what are you, schizophrenic or something? It's like I stated previously, you like that type of crazy stuff. I don't care for it...Price lives off of other individuals and their misery, I don't. I'm really much more success driven.
Yes I can draw like this easily. I've been in at since I was a toddler but it's not really my passion. I never said that his at was bad but it's the story lines on some of the episodes. That's my right. Period.
"Time I was told the truth?" By whom? Are you president or some deity that I should know about?
I stand by my statement about a lot of gay people courting drama. Again, not all but some so if your going to quote me, so it right.
Greg gets paid to a degree to give if his time so it's not like it's charity. Let me put it this way: he ain't doing it for free. That said, Noone is free of criticism and that includes Greg.

Ardenwolfe said...

This will be my last comment to you on this blog. Because, apparently, you either don't get it or refuse to get it. I'm guessing the latter. And now I'm just giving you the attention you also apparently want.

First, your continuous negativity isn't needed. It isn't liked. And it sure isn't wanted. If you so dislike something so, stop reading it.

And, in this format, the strip IS free. Have you paid to read it on the Internet? No? Then it is free. If you choose to buy the books, good. I do to help the artist and support his works. Bought them all. I'm funny like that.

What part of drama within a story and drama within real life did you miss? Yes, I enjoy drama within my entertainment. Conflict drive tension and plot. Yes, I like Price because he drive plot within the story. You? I don't like at all because you drive drama to be a douche.

See the difference?

Finally, you mistake feedback and review for criticism of a purchased product. They are not the same. Criticism isn't required when you are given a gift.

For example, a chef gives you a free meal. You don't like it, and you rant and rave about it. Excuse me. Was it not free? You don't like it? Don't eat it.


Polite people call that tact . . . which you obviously lack.

That's my point. Didn't think I had to spell it out for you, but there you go.

It's not your right. It's your opinion. And, I sincerely hope, Greg finally has enough of your nonstop nonsense and blocks you.

Sometimes, it's just the best way to deal with such foolishness.

Bud Morries said...

Ardenwolfe: so because it's "free" it can't be criticized? Oh...boy... again, I don't care if you "like me" really.... you made my point about drama and you liking it. Secretly you're attracted to guys like price or "bad boys"...again, when you pour something up publicly, you are subject for public criticism. Period. The rest of the post was drivel. However, I didn't know that you were Greg publicist... Your advice is really one sided because I've made my points and got you to admit to it. Point made..... But I'll say what I want and low you said, "if you don't like it, don't respond"...btw, we know that this strip IS your life given with how ignorantly visceral you respond. You pontificate over stupid points and your right, don't respond back unless your have something of substance to add

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! The best way to discourage comments from someone is to ignore them. I have been reading this strip for years like everyone else - I really enjoy it. Let's save the nastiness and animosity for the real problems of the gay "community" - ENDA, marriage equality, HIV, homophobia and violence,,,,,,,

Ardenwolfe said...

I agree and disagree. While I do believe certain comments can and should be ignored, I also believe that asking someone to act civil isn't too much to ask either.

Apparently, that concept flies over some people's heads, but it can never be said that no one didn't point out the behavior and ask them to correct it.

Also, comparing real life issues like HIV to someone's ass-hattery is something of a stretch. While I get your point, ignoring the issue hasn't made 'it' go away.

We tried that and it didn't work. Believe me.

The comic strip is wonderful, yet it sure would be nice to see less bitching and complaining when we get to read it for free from someone who claims he can do better . . . yet refuses to do so because . . . well . . . because.

On that note, if nothing else, I hope this gives Greg some material for future strips.

I'll be Nick Ferrelli. ;)

Bud Morries said...

Anonymous: Your comments are so so. I agree about ignoring people but whenever someone puts something on social media, it's subject to be judged and viewed different from other people.

We don't live in this world of fantasy but if you want to reflect our interject some fantasy, then you must accept the criticisms that come with it. Besides it'll only make the artist stronger. It's sheer arrogance to want someone to agree with you all of the time.

Less inclined and intuitive people are into that whole "herd" mentality. The area lot of maladies facing the gay community and thinking like some idiots here are often at the root of the problem. I mean we're not in high school. I don't have to walk, talk and think line anyone here.

Stumpy, bigoted people think that way. But hey this community is mixed up with ALL kinds of people, if ignorant and intellect alike

Ardenwolfe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark said...

Dear Bud,

I'm amazed that with all the fine work you're no-doubt doing to combat the apparently myriad problems engulfing the self-obsessed, overly-dramatic, and clearly unbalanced gay community, you still find time to devote this much energy to criticizing a bi-weekly internet cartoon soap-opera!

What a multi-tasker you must be!

Bud Morries said...

Just read this. This isn't much energy at all to me. I don't have to provide our prove anything to anyone. This community is unbalanced in its way of thinking. For example: there was a white Lesbian couple sing a fertility clinic because she had a black child as opposed to a white one that she requested. It's that stuff that's more disturbing than this comic strip. I just won't read it for the time being because you can't really express honest opinions without this whole high school mentality coming in

Ardenwolfe said...

Yes, because when that lesbian couple got the wrong sperm from that fertility clinic, it was totally THEIR fault. And they were so racist that they didn't accept the child and love the child, so they returned her and dumped her into foster care. Except that didn't happen. They're raising the child now.

And let us all agree that one extreme event, with one lesbian couple, makes the entire community unbalanced in its way of thinking.

Sure enough, there's sound logic for you.

Mark said...

Dear Bud,

Yes, I've heard about the lesbian couple who did not get the sperm they had chosen from the fertility clinic. Surely the worst crisis facing our community! What are you doing, personally, to combat the hordes of racist lesbians who are angry about not getting the product they paid for? Are you patrolling the fertility clinics yourself, or just hacking their databases to identify their racist lesbian customers? Thankfully, at least this never would happen with a straight couple. None of THEM are racists. And they're all SO well-balanced. Yes, clearly racist sperm recipients are an issue specific to the gay community, and our number one priority to boot! What a great example of the unbalanced gay community!