Sunday, December 30, 2018

Kyle's B&B Man of the Year for 2018 - Brad Steele!

Yes, folks, at last it's
happened... our baseball-
hitting hunk has finally
earned that long-elusive
crown! It's been quite
a year for Brad in the
comic strip...coming out
to his team,and facing
some hard truths,
(as well as possibly
falling in love), with
Jaime. Kyle's B&B
readers voted
for Brad, as he
captured 35%
of the votes in a
decisive victory.

Honorable mention
must go to our 3 very
worthy Runners-Up.
Jaime was First Runner-
Up, capturing 17% of
the vote. Second Runner-
Up, (and 4-time crown-
winner himself!),Drew,
walked away with 11%
of the votes, and the
always lovable, (yet
sometimes controversial),
Sergei took the Third-Runner
up title with 8% of the vote,
(impressive in itself, being
that he left the B&B last
February!). Results for
everyone are below. Thank
you to everyone who voted!!!


RBS7079 said...

...Bradie, BAY-BEEEE! : ) I was in Jamie's corner, but coming OUT, in 2018 even, to BASEBALL teammates, no less, take GUTS, so I've seen the light, ha-HAA!! SO, May I mention a few notice-abilites..( that a word?):

- For Sergei to get THAT many a vote, to place 4th, CLEARLY shows he needs to COME BACK, Greg! bring Serg & Jake back; they, as a team, can bring a 'bear' point of view to the B&B...just sayin'..

- Dave needs some LOVE!! right AWAY! he CONSISTENTLY gets less than 10 votes, each YEAR!..for a working Gay handicapped Man, in a relationship, with a Italian Bear, SOON (supposedly),to be MARRIED, has a plethora of story opportunities...he just needs..some LOVE..jus' sayin'....

- Latino twenty-something Eduardo, Eldergay-man Rudy, Asian millennial Jeremy, Republicsan (& overall DIVO) Price, committed Lovers Lance n' Drew, Organic Food lover Kyle and his beef eating Significant Other Breyer, need some featured storylines for 2019, Greg, I MISS these Boys! Brad is nice n' all, but THESE cats have something to SAY.....

.. and I think I'm gonna make some story suggestions to Greg; don't be mad, Greggie, I'm Loving the 'Jaime sorts his feelings out' plot twist, but I wanna see if my suggestions 'shake up' the B&B...TO BE CONTINUTED...ha-HAA!!

Happy NEW YEAR, Greg, my Love; hope you don't get mad with me cloggin' up the comment section with my Red Wine induced rants, I'm just happy that I can haul off with some other like-minded individuals who are PROUD GAYS, who just want some warm pancakes and a smile...

Oh yeah, Price & Jamie's juicy asses, bring a smile to me, too! >:P


Mark said...

I was astounded to read that this is Brad's first win, and was sure it must be a mistake; in my head, he used to win all the time before Drew showed up. But a quick search of the archives reveals that 2012 was actually the very first Man of the Year competition...and that Drew won it. I have no idea why I assumed that the contest had been going on for years prior, but, oh well...I'm going to continue to live in my alternate fantasy world where Brad was the undisputed Man of the Year champ from the dawn of time, until Drew turned up and ruined everything.

In any case, Brad truly did deserve the award, as the star of the year's most compelling storyline, and not just for being the lovably gorgeous tighty-whitey-wrapped slab of beef that he always is. I liked seeing him grow this year, and hope that however things work out with Jamie, or Price, or Jamie AND Price, that he'll continue his evolution.

I AM curious, though, Greg, about why you chose to have Brad come out. You'd previously said that Brad was still in the closet because you were waiting for the first real-life active Major Leaguer to come out. We still don't have one of those, so I'm wondering why you changed you mind? I'm glad you did; it always seemed a little unfair to the character to keep him stifled based on real-world issues outside of his (or your) control, but I also respected your thought process regarding Brad's coming out, and I'd love it if you'd share with us just what changed your mind on the subject.

Anyway, congratulations, Brad, and may your New Year's resolution be the same as mine: to wear pants as little as possible in 2019! Happy New Year, Greg, and to all of us as well!

P.S. If you don't already have a New Year's resolution of your own, Greg, might I suggest that 2019 finally be the year that Nick and Dave tie the knot? They've been engaged for 80 years!

RBS7079 said...

@Mark:, HERE! and, Nick and Dave have been engaged for 180 years... just clearin' that up for ya! ; )

Hey, stay tuned for my B&B storyline suggestions; I was REALLY thinking them up during the B&B hiatus, and, I wanna see if you (and some others) may dig the direction(s)...

New Year, Mark-y-Mark, haa-HAA, ENJOY!


Greg Fox said...

Thanks, guys, for your comments. RBS7079, you always astound me with your astute observations and encyclopedic knowledge of the strip and its characters. I am certainly eager to make use of some of the characters you mentioned... there are a lot of twists & turns that need to happen in the overall narrative that sometimes don't allow me to use certain characters, but I think you'll be happy to see who gets some spotlight in 2019. Mark, to answer your question, you're right... I did want to wait until a currently playing pro-baseball player came out before I had Brad come out. When I made that statement several years ago, no actively playing major or minor leaguer had come out while still playing. However, since then, several minor leaguers have come out, (the first being Sean Conroy of the Sonoma Stompers). So, being that Brad's still in the minor leagues, too, it made sense to do it now.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year, and thanks again for your comments!

Mark said...

Thanks, Greg!

RBS7079 said...

....anything for YOU, Bubby; I TRULY mean it, when I say I've been FOLL-O-WING this strip since it's inception, and I respect your Art, and your positive contribution to the Gay Community, with your work...
I see it as a privilege.....

...aaaaand, the Big Man tits n' ass help a lil', too! >; ) ha-HAAAA!!

Onward, 2019, HO! Happy New Year Greg! CHOW!!