Saturday, March 24, 2007

WE'RE HERE !!! Let's Celebrate!

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by the new Kyle's B&B blog. It was time for a change of locale...the old blog site was a bit too difficult to customize and maneuver. This new location at blogger appears to be, so far, a lot easier to deal with! So, I look forward to posting here and hearing comments from you!

Oh, by the way, if you want to see my previous blog posts, don't despair. The old blog is still accessible, featuring all of my blog posts from August, 2004 thru March, 2007. Just click here to go there, or you can copy & paste this address:


buff said...

Greg, big hairy muscle hugs of welcome to Blogger. It's great having Kyle's B&B blog featured here. Thanks again for posting on my blog. It isn't everyday that my blog attracts such a cool guy. I really like the idea of one of the guys getting dressed head to toe in leather. Or even just a leather harness, jeans, and boots. WOOF.

Greg Fox said...

Hey, buff, thanks for stopping by again... always a thrill to have your "big hairy muscle hugs" coming my way!