Friday, March 30, 2007

Sheer Embarrassment !!!

Why are Breyer's cheeks turning red? Oh, because he is mortified at the grammatical atrocity that is spewing out of his mouth! (This from the latest episode of Kyle's B&B, #201). And it's not him who should be embarrassed... it's me!

Just to set the record straight, yes, I know he should be saying "parents" (plural), instead of "parent's" (possessive).

Sadly, it took e-mail from readers of the strip to notify me of my error! I still cannot believe I let this one slip by.

In my defense, (if there is any), I did go back and check my original notebook script and, thankfully, I wrote it correctly when I was originally composing the script for this episode. So, it was an error in transcription, (still no excuse, but it does make me feel a little better!). I can assure you, when the next Kyle's B&B book is published with this episode in it, it will be fixed!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to point this out to me. As someone who is a child of two schoolteachers, and who also minored in English in college, I do take this seriously, (almost as seriously as Brad's puca shells. Maybe even more so!).


Griffin said...

Would not have even noticed this if you had not pointed it out. But I am glad you take this so seriously. Someone should! Thank you for the B&B as always.

Dan Smith, Vancouver, BC said...

Greg, it's OK if you think of the split up as belonging to the parents but then it would still be grammatically incorrect because it would be a sentence with no subject. To sum up, if you had said, "I never saw her grow up because of my parent's split up when I was five," that would be OK. Because you're speaking of your parents, the sentence is indeed incorrect. But who cares? We're all still enjoying Kyles B&B. Keep up the great work!!