Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Self-Censorship

Came across this recently, and found it kind of amusing. In Kyle's B&B Episode # 145, (the episode where Kyle & Breyer finally have sex for the first time), when I got to drawing the final panel, I had second thoughts about just how much to show of Breyer' I guess we'll call it the "pubic area". So, I ended up creating 2 versions of the episode, which I'm showing you now, here for the first time! The original, uncensored one is on the top, and the censored, ("oh, he still has his underwear on" one is on the bottom.

Why would I have bothered with this? Well...perhaps because of the problems I encountered a couple of years earlier with a shall-remain-nameless Nashville, Tennessee-based gay newspaper. You see, in an earlier episode, (# 102), when Brad & Vincenzo have sex for the first time, there was a little rear nudity shown, (although no frontal), and a general "steaminess" to the episode. This Nashville, Tennessee-based gay newspaper ran the episode, received a few complaints from readers, and promptly dropped the strip. (Thanks,, maybe you could've just not run that episode to begin with, instead of running it and then dropping the strip when a few readers react negatively. Oh, but I digress). In any case, I was a little nervous about losing another paper because of such a thing. Hence, my "cover-up" of Breyer's manly pubic zone. However, in the end, I decided to go with the seemed silly to be censoring something that shows, at the very most, a little sliver of the base of Breyer's penis. And you know what? No one complained!


Anonymous said...

How exactlyu is it different from any of the Dolce and Gabbana ad campaigns? This is a link ,scroll down to the 2005 black and white jeans for men, but any of their homoerotic ads show a lot more as you will see:


griffin said...

obviously, i prefer the uncensored version. thank you, greg, for going with that one instead of bowing to the prudes of society. i wish you could've shown even *more* of breyer's cock. and i can't believe that nashville paper dropped your strip for that episode. what a bunch of hyprocrites, they'd probably cry "censorship" if their paper got pulled from the local library or wherever they put it out for distribution. yet they drop your strip because of a few prudish readers complaints? sometimes i can't figure out the gay community. that's why i'm glad i have kyle's b&b to do it for me! ;-)

Sean said...


I remember reading in an interview about your comic strip being censored by that Tennessee paper, and it still makes me mad. Especially because that episode made a point of the two guys using condoms and having safe sex. And there wasn't any frontal nudity either. You are better off without them, IMO.


JB said...

It does seem remarkably hypocrytical of them. Oh well, at least you can do what you like on your own site.

Mike Yonge said...

What on earth did the readers of a gay paper expect to see? Get a life folks. I have to agree with Griffin where he says "they'd probably cry "censorship" if their paper got pulled from the local library or wherever they put it out for distribution." Sometimes a paper or magazine needs to get balls and tell their readers that they didn't see anything wrong with what they have published and let the readership rise and fall on their views. I look forward to the strip every episode. I have never thought that any of your work was even remotely over the top... Keep up the great work, ignore the hypocrites, some folks aren't happy unless they are complaining


buff said...

Howdy Greg. Isn't there anything to be said about artistic freedom? I too prefer the uncensored panel. WOOF. How prudish of that gay paper.

On a chilly rainy day here, you always make my world sunny and bright when I read Kyle's B&B.

And thanks for your recent comment on my blog post. I really appreciate that. Big hairy hugs.

Anonymous said...


I'm a relitively mew viewer, and i say just go right ahead for the full frontals.

You will be far more populer and it will show that you really have the balls, pardon the pun, to do something out of the ordinary, even if one or two people will have a whine, because they are 18th cemtury conservatives.

Go ahead, with all our blessings.