Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What TIME is it? It's Kyle O'Clock !!!

Or, maybe it's half-past Brad? Or, a quarter to Lance? (Looks like, right now, according to the clock in the graphic shown here, it's ten after Eduardo! Or, is that Eduardo:10 ?). In any case, just wanted to let you know about the latest in Kyle's B&B merchandise .... this handsome wall clock, sure to liven up any room, is now available to order! If you'd like to have your very own Kyle's B&B clock, you can go directly to the purchase page by clicking here. Telling time was never quite so... enticing!


mike d said...

so when it's "Brad O'Clock", is that when every one strips down to their underwear? heeheehee, couldn't resist.

griffin said...

preferably jockstraps!