Monday, August 27, 2007

Vermont in August

What a great thing, to get away to Vermont for a few days during the heat of summer on Long Island. As is often the case, it was cooler, breezier, and oh-so enticing in it's green mountain-loveliness. This pic above, (you can click on it to view it full size), was taken just outside of Johnson, VT, which is well north into the state, perhaps only about 20 miles or so from the Canadian border.

As you may know from previous posts, I travel up to Vermont pretty regularly. I do hope to relocate there someday in the hopefully not-too-distant future. For now, I've been traveling to various parts of the state, to get more familiar with the various regions, (yes, there are a number of distinct regions of Vermont, despite the fact that it is a relatively small state). I've focused a lot of attention on northern Vermont, especially around Burlington. Though I wouldn't want to live right in Burlington, it's a super-cool city, and a great place to live nearby, to have access to all of the culture it is brimming with.

However, after this most recent trip, I'm thinking that I need to start focusing on southern Vermont on my next few trips. Specifically, the southwestern region, which is a particularly gorgeous, mountain-filled area. So many times over the past few years, Ive blown through southwestern Vermont on my way up to Burlington. I usually stop for a quick break around Arlington, (former home of Norman Rockwell, one of my artistic heroes!), and this time, I was absolutely floored by the beauty of the area. I suppose I have avoided actually staying there on any of my trips because of the notorious nearby Manchester Center, which is well-known as "shopping outlet center", and crawling with tourists. But I have to say, that is one very tiny part of the whole area, and to write off greater Manchester, Arlington and the surrounding area seems like a big mistake. So, I plan to correct that! Next time I go to Vermont, it'll be for the SW VT experience!

By the way, I'm wondering what the gay population is like in that area. Again, Burlington seems to have the largest concentration of gay people in the state, from what I've seen so far. But I can't imagine southwestern Vermont doesn't have it's own gay contingent, what with the various art galleries, B&Bs, and general Vermont loveliness in the air. So.... if you're from that area of Vermont, or know someone who is, please write & tell me all about it. I'd love to hear your story!


Craig James said...

I don't know about the GLBT population of Vermont, but I can attest to the beauty of the state. I can understand why you are so taken with it.

Anonymous said...

Will Kyle be relocating as well?

griffin said...

Yeah, that's what I was wondering too. If Greg moves to Vermont, will the b&b move there, also?

Greg Fox said...

Interesting question. I have thought about this a bit, and I suppose the answer is: I'm not sure. Part of me feels that Kyle's B&B is very tied to Northport, and it should remain in this town always. And then, part of me realizes that I tend to incorporate into my writing what's going on around me, and if I were living in Vermont, that may find its way into the comic strip.

So, I suppose it's up in the air, at this point. I have to say, any move I might make to VT is purely conjectural at the moment. And I don't mean to cast Northport or Huntington, (the larger township that Northport is part of), or even Long Island, in any sort of a bad light, as if it's a place I'm looking to "escape" from. I really love living here, and this IS a very magical place. So, for right now, think of me as a Long Islander who travels frequently to Vermont with great enthusiasm!

JayV said...

Heyya, Greg, this is a delightful blog you have. Thanks. You are not the only 'flatlander' that comes up to Vermont. Southwestern Vermont (around Manchester) is full of CT, NJ and NY plates.

Brattleboro, on the eastern side, is much more progressive than Burlington, IMO. There may be a dearth of gay bars (the last closed down in June, 2006), but there's loads to do for those not into that kind of social networking. Vermont Gay Social Alternatives, based in the Burlington area, but with activities throughout the state is worth a look. A lot of queer folk come up here for a quieter life, away from the urban hassles. But if you want to get active in the local communities, there are opportunties. Cheers. - Jay