Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Episode # 212 - August 28th, 2007

Hey, we're sorry.... this episode is no longer posted online. But you can see it in the second
Kyle's B&B book collection "Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: A Second Bowl of Serial".   Which
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And THANK YOU to everyone who wrote with congratulations about the Lambda Legal contest win, and the article about it in the Advocate! It's been an exciting couple of weeks, and I'm so grateful for your good wishes & support, (I never would've won without your votes!).


Jon said...

I can really get hooked on this drama. Thanks for sharing. : )

Angelo said...

Lance...he would be perfect with Tighe from Cavalcade of Boys by Tim Fish.
I love his strip and yours! Have the two of you ever met?

peter said...

Greg, congrats on the Lambda Legal contest win.

buff said...

I'm late as usual, but mega hairy muscle hugs of congratulations on winning the Lambda Legal contest.
It is very well deserved.

And in light of what this Labor Day means to me, I'd like to honor you with the First Annual Buddy Bonding Fellowship Award. Hey, I know it is nothing like the Lambda Legal award, but it is my humble way of saluting you for making gay male life a celebration.

Your labor of love, Kyle's Bed & Breakfast depicts hard working gay men in various occupations that are just trying to enjoy life, find love and happiness, and great safer sex along the way.

I salute you for making your ideas of a well adjusted gay male world come to life every two weeks. Sharing with us the journeys these studs live, make us also feel good about ourselves. Thanks again.