Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Episode # 215 - October 9th, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Hey Greg, I love your strip but, since you make all those guys look so cute, why don't you add some more glamour and style, like not making them appear with socks after their pants are off?
I know they are supposed to be real American men but, what the hell, they are all supposed to be gay too ;)


Anonymous said...

actually everyone in this comic is not cute unless you like twinks,queens or the perfect bod which most gay men dont have. every guy in this comic with the excpetion of the handicapped guy and his lover have six packs ,are usually smooth and have a perfect body with a big dick ... it looks more like kyles north hollywood look at me b&b

Anonymous said...

Beautiful strip, as always Greg.

"We could compare our circumcisions."

I was grinning for days at that one.



Anonymous said...

Hey guys, you are missing the point Greg raises about upbringing, religion, and race. Gays aren't only about sex!

Breyer could celebrate both Christmas and Jewish holidays in a Unitarian Universalist Church and be accepted as gay.

Anonymous said...

Well, he is going to find out that being Jewish is more complicated than deciding to celebrate or not celebrate Christmas. If and when he decides to go beyond the simplicity of Judaism for Dummies he might find the historical significance that Christmas has for Jews. Yes, Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ which for Christians IS a cause for celebration. But so many Jews were slaughtered in the name of Christ that, once you become aware of it, it is hard for a Jew, even a non practicing Jew, to celebrate it themselves. Of course they can share in their friends' celebrations, as my friends do. But they do not put a tree in their own house. I don't blame them.

Anonymous said...

1.- 12:00 AM, those guys are not perfect, Brad for example looks all swollen... well, maybe Kyle seems to be in his thirties for ever, like Brad was in his mid-twenties even when he was 19.

2.-"Gays" ARE all about sex, or rather sex+lifestyle (homosexuals is a category apart), "people", "persons" are not only about sex.

3.- Believing in Yahweh, in Christ, Allah, the precepts of Buddha or believing in Madonna, Sting, Gore, Limbaugh or Barbara Walters ultimately amounts to brainwashing, whether inflicted or self-inflicted.
It's simpler, for oneself and for the others around you, to decide what is good, what is evil, and what IS to be believed: if you reduce your thinking to some particular morals, that is, to some unquestionable truths, everything else will follow: one thing is to stop thinking to act and a very different and dangerous one to consider thinking dangerous because of "its moral consequences", and that is what religion and political ideology, credos in one word, are about.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to add in my previous post:

", and that's what freedom and democracy are NOT precisely about."



Anonymous said...

Judaism is not about religion alone, it's about a PEOPLE and a history. It didn't matter to Hitler if the Jews he was gassing were believers or assimilated Jews. It doesn't matter to any anti-semite either. It's better to own your history by learning about it, than having it thrown in your face, all spinned and twisted and not knowing how to counter attack with truth and facts.

Thanks, Greg, for injecting real issues into the comic.

Anonymous said...

^ My history is my own life, my country is where people share, to some extent, the same values in which I believe.

If we HAD to be slaves to specific old borders and old beliefs and faiths there would have never been any United States of America.

"Truth" and "facts" are mere beliefs. You can pass ANYTHING as truth and fact as long as there are people to support you, for whatever reason it be. Plus, "truths" in history are built on discourse, on perspectives. "Truths" in physics or chemistry have only sense related to themselves, which doesn't amount to much, while in discussing history, morals, etc. everything is related to everything else, which means there will always be someone who can protest "partiality and manipulation".

The difference between scientifism, that you seem to support, and science, is that science never holds truths and facts as unquestionable ethical and moral truths to be thrown to the face of the opponent in a discussion. We can speak of "facts" , but from the moment they are hold as truths to support, to "prove" some preconceived beliefs, when they are denied their capacity of being contested, nuanced, developed, they loose their rational power and become religion.
If someone, say, denies the Holocaust, the Jewish genocide,is not interested at all in "the fact" , but as attacking those who know about that fact, and who then get entangled in discussions reaching far beyond that "fact". Millions of Jewish were massacred, that's a fact, but as a "fact", which is independent of human suffering and feelings, as a cold fact, it has no meaning. It's when some try to deny it to avail themselves of a higher moral standing, that is, when the fact is not the fact anymore but a means to discredit "the others", and those others are thereby forced to turn the fact into a moral stand that the game and battle of truths, beliefs and parties gets started.

Of course what I am saying is a belief, a "religion" in itself. But there's a fundamental difference which is the core of what I want to say: you can't pretend there are unassailable, fair beliefs, truths, facts and identify them with some particular code, a religious, a wisdom based on a natural order.

The question is not trying to adhere to truth, not even trying not to be wrong, since we all always be wrong to some extent, but to be able not to be slave and paralyzed by "truths" and "facts".
Tell me about one single nation and a single religion that doesn't preach justice and truth and, as a "fact", has never acted against those vague principles in others as in themselves.

In short, you will never find truths, of any kind, summed up in any religious or political, or philosophical code, because truths that are curtail to be better handled and worshipped are not truths any more: a "truth" is never an well-delimited fact, but a step just before developing it into a higher truth to be developed again.
If you feel overcome by such perspective, the only way out is to stop and become a stony staunch believer, a dogmatist, but that will be at the expense of the "truths" and well-being of the rest of the world.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I forgot to add this after "natural order":
There's a whole universe of a difference between holding the truth and developing it, between looking back and up and looking forward and to the height of your own eyes.


Anonymous said...

Dear Friends:

The Half-Jewish Network is very grateful that Kyles Bed and Breakfast is exploring Breyer's identity issues.

We have established a "home" for Breyer on our website at:


And we don't mind that he's depicted as very cute and intelligent and nice, as media depictions of half-Jewish folks are often very negative. It's a relief to see an attractive, positive character for a change.

We see Breyer as very realistically depicted at the beginning of his exploration of his identit(ies) as the adult child of an intermarriage. Many of us, like Breyer, have begun our searches with simple activities like attending a seder and reading a book.

We are also very pleased that he is shown as a happy gay male with a nice lover, who is supportive of his identity search.

Some of the members of the Half-Jewish Network are GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender). We have established a new page on our website on "Half-Jewish Media Characters" to encourage all of our members, GLBT and straight, to start following Breyer's adventures.

Thank you Greg!

Very cordially,
Robin Margolis