Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October is Here!

Temperatures are dropping just a bit as we head into this new month. There's a crispness in the air, and the leaves are just beginning to change color. In honor of the arrival of October here in the Northeast, (and the cooler weather & foliage changes that it brings), I thought I'd post a few pics of one of my trips to Vermont, (from last October, 2006). With all of these, you can click on them to see them at a larger size.

The first pic, (above), is from a lovely little town called Danby in southwestern Vermont, just a bit north of Manchester. This area is particularly gorgeous in the way that the farms are squeezed into the narrow, rolling valleys between the mountains.

The second pic is also from Danby, just a bit further south down the same road as the last pic. I wonder if the cows notice the gorgeous fall foliage blazing on the mountains behind them?

This next pic, (above), is from East Dorset area, just a bit south of Danby, along the famed Route 7.

Finally, I think I saved the best one for last. You really need to see this large, (click on it), to fully appreciate the gorgeous Fall colors. This one's actually from October, 2004, taken along Route 100, in the Waitsfield/Warren area, (also known as the Mad River Valley). When you see these Fall colors in real life, it's so gorgeous that these pics can't even do it justice. But enjoy, anyway.... and maybe make a trip to Vermont yourself this Fall!


JB said...

That is BRIGHT.

Anonymous said...

Ah! La belle New England..!

JayV said...

Vermont Route 100 is one of be most senic roads in the state.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. We agree, the third pic is breathtaking!

Take care,

Phil & Mike Boila-Elam,
Justus Boyz

buff said...

Beautiful photos, Greg. Too bad the color further south isn't happening. Just too dry.

And woof to the latest Kyle B&B.
Yea, comparing circumcisions is definitely a way to know a guy really well. WOOOF.

You and the guys are ultra sweethearts. Thanks for all you do, your labor of love with each installment of Kyle. Always enjoyable. Mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks.

CC said...

I've been to the barn in the first picture, on one of my last visits home... I grew up in Vermont, in a tiny town called Huntington on the Chittenden/ Addison county border, and never miss a chance to show vermont off to my partner, who grew up in the concrete jungles of NYC...