Friday, November 02, 2007

Heavy Metal Halloween

What better way to spend Halloween than being at a Slash book signing in Huntington, (the next town over from Northport), at my favorite bookstore in the world, Book Revue.

Slash, being Slash of Guns & Roses, now with Velvet Revolver, who just released his own autobiography this past month.

Yes, that is really me in the picture above, (and in the several to follow, below), along with Caitlin as 1920s flapper, and Anne in the background. (Click it to see full sized). I guess those years I spent in rock bands and working as an electric guitar salesman left me with the ability to, when the time is right, work that 1980's metal rocker thing. (Or maybe be the judge! LOL).

And if you're wondering.... Slash was wonderful. Truly friendly, down to earth, a pleasure to meet and speak with.

It was also fun to see lots of folks out in costume for the holiday. And I was a bit surprised to see so many young kids, pre-teens, who were there to meet Slash. Kind of cute to see some parents and kids who were both fans, there to meet him.

I was also quite excited to run into my friend Sabine, who's here visiting from Los Angeles, (that's her with me in the third pic).

I feel bad that I didn't get to take more pictures of the night... what ended up happening is that my friends took pictures of me, and that is the majority of pics that I have.

And no, no pics here of Slash, save for the pic of his poster above. He had a strict no-photos rule, and while I got to meet him "behind the scenes" and have a nice, warm chat, the last thing on my mind was whipping out my camera and asking for a photo at that point. (For the record, he was wearing the famous top-hat, and he looked great!).

All in all, a fun, wild, heavy metal Halloween night!


Griffin said...

Wow, I had no idea that the lead singer of Poison is the same guy who does Kyle's B&B. LOL. Nice pics, Greg, looks like you had a fun Halloween,


Sean said...

I was thinking Skid Row. Will this be a new look for Kyle in the strip? You could use a long haired guy around the b&b.

With Halloween being canceled in the Castro, I'm glad to see you're out celebrating it like all good gay people should.

Lance said...


You are a sexy and versatile guy.

Who would have thought you could do Rancher and Rocker so well?

rick said...

Poison, Skid Row, here's some other famous 80s metal blondes:

Vince Neil - Motley Crue
Jani Lane - Warrant
Adrian Vandenburg - Whitesnake

buff said...

Greg, sexy and WOOF. A great Halloween costume.

Glad you had a super fun Halloween and met Slash. Awesome.

Mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks for sharing.

Joe said...

From the looks of this picture, I'd have skipped seeing Slash in favor of staying by Caitlin's side all night. Breathtaking is the only word for her.

wolf shirt said...

Halloween is really a greaet celebration in your country?