Friday, November 30, 2007

Jeff Olsen - A Brief History

Since Jeff Olsen’s recent return to Kyle’s B&B, I’ve had some inquiries from newer readers of the strip for some background info on the hairy-chested hunk. So, without further ado, here are some highlights of Jeff’s long & illustrious history at Kyle’s B&B.

Jeff Olsen actually goes way back almost to the very beginning of Kyle’s B&B. His first appearance was in Episode # 5, as the newly-arrived catcher on Brad’s baseball team… who, (unlike Brad), happened to be out of the closet:

It wasn’t too long before Jeff had moved into the B&B, and got into some serious conflict with Brad, (in Episode # 6):

Things were tense for a while there, but by the time Jeff got traded to another team in Alabama, (Episode # 11), he & Brad had reached what was essentially a truce.

We didn’t see Jeff again for quite a few months, but he surprised everyone by showing up unexpectedly for Christmas in Episode # 38. By this point, he & Brad had forged somewhat of a friendship while playing on a winter-league baseball team in Brazil together.

Jeff didn’t show up again until Episode # 86, but his surprise appearance for a Halloween party, in which the B&B guys were dressing up as the Village People, was especially memorable as he capably took on the role of the “Leather Guy”.

Continuing his string of “surprise” appearances, Jeff was back for an extended stay starting in Episode # 117. However, he had some stunning news, as this 2-panel sequence from Episode # 118 shows:

After a series of rather dramatic episodes, with Brad & Jeff dancing around the idea of having a romance, (but never actually doing anything about it), Jeff once again left to play baseball in another part of the country, in Episode # 123, (which led to another tearful airport goodbye for Brad):

Months later, Jeff pulled another surprise appearance at the Fire Island barbecue that Kyle arranged for all of the B&B “family”. Jeff & Brad’s tenuous relationship is best shown in this series of panels from Episode # 185:

And that leads us up to his recent return to the B&B in Episode # 217. How long will he be around for this time? That remains to be seen. But you can be sure there’ll be drama every step of the way… seems like Jeff just can’t help but create it wherever he goes!


Tim said...

This makes me have even more of a crush than ever on Jeff Olsen. And that's in spite of the fact he's probably going to cause drama to erupt at the b & b. But he is irresistible

griffin said...

Sexy! Thanks for the re-cap. It was nice to see the early episodes.


scott said...

Is it wrong for me to say I'm not happy about Jeff's return to the B&B? I can only imagine the trouble he's going to cause, and I don't want there to be trouble for Matt and Brad.

Of course, I can't wait to see what happens next, though!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is FAB-U-LOUS - enuff said...As someone who is HIV negative for the past 10 years after 1 year being diagnosed as HIV positive - and taking my meds without missing one - JEFF OLSON is a great character at the B&B - I just hope I can meet a "real" person like his character in the strip...