Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Episode # 230 - May 6th, 2008

Hey, we're sorry.... this episode is no longer posted online. But you can see it in the third Kyle's B&B
book collection "Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: Hot Off the Griddle".   (This is the first Kyle's B&B book
to feature FULL COLOR episodes!). By the way, if you prefer Kyle's B&B in black & white,
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DrGaellon said...

"...sniff out homosexuals and terrorists." *snrk* You're a bad, bad man, Greg.

Anonymous said...

Breyer is back!


Greg said...

Oh, this is funny...guess Hotcake will have to become the dog's MIDDLE name, eh?

You should've made the evangelist's dog's name Sally Kern, based on his abilities. ; )

Starr said...

So "Hotcake" is out. By-tor was the other name Bryer suggested (#225, 2008-02-26). So shall we resume our debate on naming the dog? :)

Anonymous said...

But can he sniff out homosexual terrorists?

Greg Greg Greg what are we going to do with you? LOL

Anonymous said...

See what happens when you decide that "Snowballing" or "69" are not appropriate names?


Angelo "Ashmael" Ventura said...

I'd avoid naming homosexual and terrorists in the same sentence. I'm gay and I hate terrorists, exoecially homophobic therrorists like Al qaedans

Griffin said...

I think "By-Tor" was ruled out as a name by Kyle, because he said it sounded too much like "biter". So that means it is back to the drawing board for the naming.

I know that Kyle didn't want any hockey player names, but I thought Greg mentioned he might use "Gretsky". That would be my pick. I bet Breyer wouldn't object!


Rick said...

Breyer might object to Gretzky. Breyer's a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and Wayne Gretzky never played for them. George Armstrong and Johnny Bower are two hall of fame Maple Leaf players. Don't think they'd make for great husky dog names. Good luck, Breyer!

Anonymous said...

How about naming him "Puck"?

Anonymous said...

Puck is a great name! It's got that enjoyable double nod to both the hockey loving Breyer and Shakespeare, given the dog's mischievous pancake stealing habits. Add to that the fun of seeing others react at the dog park when Kyle shouts, "Here, Puck!" Someone is sure to mistake what they heard, some day.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Puck as well.


jockalot said...

Stop thinking of new/old names. Greg doesn't write a strip like that. He knows where he is going. Story lines are planned out weeks in advance. He would not pump you up trying to think of a name only to dump you a few weeks later. Kyle was just getting a little hysterical. I predict that a voice of reason will be heard, and that the voice will come from an unlikely mouth. That voice will tell us something like just because a hate monger named his dog Toto, we don't have to go back and edit The Wizard of Oz. This is about good and evil. Good Hotcake and evil Hotcake.