Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Episode # 231 - May 20th, 2008

Hey, we're sorry.... this episode is no longer posted online. But you can see it in the third Kyle's B&B
book collection "Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: Hot Off the Griddle".   (This is the first Kyle's B&B book
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Anonymous said...

This happens so frequently...one makes a questionable decision and expect another to say "It's all right, buddy" when even they aren't sure! Kyle does well, refusing to do peacemaker between Matt and his conscience!

mars611@msn.com said...

A perfect name...combination of the genesis of Breyer's name, with the historic home of the dog's breed.

Anonymous said...

Matt didn't establish that he was truly comfortable with his sleeping with Jeff giving credence that he still has something unresolved with Brad...I think that he is attracted to Jeff PHYSICALLY but Brad EMOTIONALLY! Maybe next time Brad won't treat his lover like crap! Matt is right though, in a break-up, you can date ANYONE that you chose to date! Matt is BUILT!!!! Man is he hot!


Anonymous said...

I agree with BM I think Matt is attracted to Jeff physically and to Brad emotionally. Or maybe Matt subciously wants to get back at Brad for the way he treated him. I also dont think Matt and Jeff are meant to be together. On a completely diffrent note the name Frosty is perfect.-Tevansp3

Anonymous said...

Wait a moment. Brad started this whole thing. That said, Jeff is more of a match with Eduardo who seems to me MIA. Physicality will wear off BUT I think that Jeff has more NATURAL passion for Matt, Brad doesn't but when Brad told Matt that he loved him, after this episode, it is just now starting to register with Matt. Brad should have treated him better and he wouldn't have lost him...All of the guys are good-looking so this isn't about looks...Everyone got on Matt for dating a "friend" of an ex BUT when someone is single, he or she can date whomever they want to. I was more curious as to why so many here got upset with Matt and not Jeff for pursuing him and Brad for treating his lover like a worn dishrag. At least Lance is an OPEN dog. It's the ones that are "naive," or "quiet" that you have to watch out for. And yes, I still think that race was a factor...

Ken said...

Matt cannot have any strong emotional feelings for Brad; if he had, he wouldn't have "hooked up" with Jeff three days after telling Brad to get his act together. He also told Brad he'd "had a late night" (fucking Jeff) and he'd talk to Brad "later." Apparently he still hasn't had that talk with Brad. Wow. Not good boyfriend material. And, yes, Brad didn't treat Matt as he should; maybe neither of them mature enough to be a boyfriend. No need even to discuss Jeff in such a role. I do agree with BM that it looks like Matt's attraction to Jeff is mainly sexual. I'd be surprised if Matt ends up in a long-term relationship with either one, and I'll be disgusted with Brad (and with GREG) if Brad even considers taking Matt back. In fact, Brad should be headed off to play baseball soon shouldn't he? If he's really in love with Matt, he should've said something more by now. Maybe Greg will let the whole thing dribble away without any resolution. Tempest in a teapot?

Anonymous said...

BUT Matt never told Brad to "get his act" together. They broke-up. brad could not have had feelings for Matt by comparing his pubes to Jeff's in the middle of sex! Wow. Not good boyfriend material. and I'll be disgusted with with Matt (and with Greg) if Matt even considers grovelling for another chance. You all let your emotions flow on this issue. Maybe Brad should go and then come back and see if he can grow up. Brad is in desperate need of a brain. He should learn that you can't treat your man that way or you would lose him. Matt likes Jeff physically but Brad emotionally. I think that Matt should stick to his guns. IF it's working between Matt/Jeff, then go for it, if not, have the talk with Brad and then work it out. I would not though.


Matthew in IL said...

The whole Matt storyline makes me wish the episodes came out quicker. I couldn't care less about this mess. I miss the other characters.

david mays said...

I'm not for making harsh judgments on any of these guys. Yeah, Matt and Jeff could have waited longer before getting involved. Yeah, Brad could've played it cooler with his little crush on Jeff. But in real life, people don't always make the wisest decisions. And this all strikes me as very real. These are complex characters, with a lot of different motivations. It makes the story more engrossing, the tension more palpable. I LIKE this! And what's the alternative? Brad and Matt all lovey dovey, Jeff over in his corner not causing any conflict, everyone happy and no one having any problems? What kind of a story is that? This current storyline is grand drama, with great bursts of humor throughout. I say, keep it coming!

David M

Anonymous said...

I agree with David. Maybe when all is said and done, Matt and Brad will get back together but right now, it is good to see the passion that Matt and Jeff have for each other and Brad wondering where he went wrong!


Anonymous said...

Whoever =whomever

Anonymous said...

Don't get cute!

Anonymous said...


The artwork is EXCELLENT!