Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Episode # 256 - May 19th, 2009

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Anonymous said...

brad expects kyle to freak out over a kiss that in itself was lame ?
brad is such a mess.
i hope this stupid storyline with morgan ends quickly. kyle should tell him to shutup and get a life.

Fred Wemyss said...

May I point out that Greg has shown us, in the first panel, two actual Northport, New York establishments? You will see the word "Skipper's." That is part of the sign for Skipper's Pub. Behind it you'll see an awning which has the words "Gourmet Deli." Folks, the Shipwreck Diner, where much of IN AND OUT was filmed, is situated less than three yards from that awning. As a Long Islander, I appreciate Greg's attention to details I see in real life.

Lance Nobel said...

Nick Ferrelli described Brad as great to look at and not much else in a previous strip.
This episode with Brad and Morgan validates Nick's judgement.

Greg said...

Sure, Brad's a little vapid, but I know a few people who might be uncertain exactly what to feel in his situation. Applause for taking the transgender issue head-on.

Although I don't know Northport, per se, the usual attention to detail is terrific! Nice, Greg.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm finding this little bit of transgenderphobia to be interesting and rings true. This is in part my own bit of uneasiness when approaching trans-persons. Also my own confusion when in one of the "Aliens" movies with Ripley, when a very, very muscular woman actress had me responding to her extreme muscularity. Now she was portrayed as a woman, but I remember my own confusion as a relatively young gay man - why was I attracted to this woman/actress? - well it was because of 'her' muscles, and in my (limited) experience only men had muscles like that. Now that Brad is attracted to the trans-person, he needs to analyze what it is that he finds attractive.
Oops these are all just characters, but Greg makes them so real to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm as confused as Brad is by all this. I have no idea where this storyline is going, but I don't think it's going to have a happy ending. I don't know any transgendered people, so all this is outside my range of experience.

Mike said...

Brad, don't struggle with it -- it's obvious. Your internalized homophobia has surfaced and you're attracted to the "girl". This is such a poorly conceived storyline that I can't wait for crash to stop burning so we can look at the next thing.

Anonymous said...

Greg, I love you but PLEASE get over this shmaltzy and predictable story line. We know what will happen and it is too simplistic an approach.

I know this is a comic strip, but if you choose to touch upon complex issues of contemporary gay lives, at the very least touch on something less Hallmarkese, like how can one afford those expansive hormones in such a lousy economy, like how does a non glam transgender get people to respect his or her wishes to be referred to as male or female. Or even the simple every day dilema of which public bathroom to enter when there are no individual bathrooms available. You might consider the very real consequences of making the wrong decision at the wrong time and place. These are SOME of the lesser but real issues of a transgender individual.

This fabulously rich and powerful Morgan who gets the hunky blond jock is just too Lifetime channel for me.

Anonymous said...

Greg - Please end this story line - it's just not believable...for many reasons.

Griffin said...

I'm kind of taken aback by the last 3 comments, (which all seem to be composed by the same person, I'm guessing). Frankly, I'm excited to be reading about a transgender character who's not the "victim", who's not struggling to validate themselves in society, etc. Lifetime channel? Please. As if this story would ever be told there. I'm grateful to be seeing it here.

Luca said...

I think Brad's reaction is completely understandable. If you are gay and you feel attracted to someone that looks and behaves as a woman of course you feel shocked! Let's cut the politically-correct bu*****t here.

However, I still think this storyline is predictable and pretty lame, could have been much more interesting with another character other than Brad involved.
And I really do not see realistic the "cool" behavior of Kyle. If I had Brad as a friend and I knew him, I would be at least surprised by this turn!

Anonymous said...


I am one of the several opposing opinions above. I certainly did not post all of them, though I posted my opinion in previous episodes.

There are so many life affirming stories out there about transgenders, but I am not aware of even one situation where it was an easy road. There is no one like Morgan who, despite being a transgender and gay person who lived in many countries and had to change schools frequently, to have had an easy journey to self discovery, let alone to such presumed success in the business world. If we want to celebrate the full rainbow, let us at least celebrate the real successes and not the imaginary ones.

I do give Greg points for creating a thread that generates discussion. Discussions online all too often deteriorate to sand kicking and name calling. At least here we have people who share their opinions and get thoughtful responses. This is a rarity and I applaud Greg for providing this forum.

Sean said...

I like the discussion here, too. I think transgender characters raise a lot of issues in the gay community, and I find the opinions being expressed here fascinating. One thing I'd like to point out is that in this story with Morgan so far, Morgan seems to have referenced having had some rough times in the past, because of her trans identity. I'm not sure which episode, but I recall her saying something about when she was making rock videos, her acceptance by was "unlike other areas" in her life. And then at another point, when she mentioned the problems she'd had with previous boyfriends who seemed to have problems with her trans status. So, while she does seem to have a good life at the moment, there seems to be some underlying sadness and hard-won struggles in this character.

diana green said...

Well, as far as I can tell, I'm the only actual trans person commenting here. Please forgive if that's inaccurate.
I must say that, while the strip flounders just a bit, it's refreshing to see a trans character who is competent and has come to terms with herself, and who is not a victim of a transphobic basher or being played for ridicule.
I submit that some gay male reaction to the trans community are akin to the reactions of uninformed and indifferent straight people to gays.
In that spirit, I'm quite grateful for Sean's comments. Many of us make it through our struggles and come out whole. That appears to be the case with Morgan. It could be that she has a lot to offer someone as childish and insecure as Brad.

Anonymous said...


While we come out whole, there is still nothing realistic about Morgan. I don't know anyone that high up in their field. I know Rene is a successful doctor, for example, but a doctor sees patients, one on one. Morgan has a very public position, one where she must come in contact with clients world wide. I just don't see it. We are NOT there yet. And Morgan is transgender, not a transexual. She looks like a man in women's clothing and makeup. I think we definitely made progress in the general population's acceptance of transexual (progress, of course, being a relative term open to interpretation). However, ambiguous sexuality still makes too many people uncomfortable (need I mention American Idol?). So while I can see that Morgan might be able to hold a job and a good one in the advertising field, she would hardly be the one to be flown cross continents to meet with clients, not if the agency wants to snag the account.

diana green said...

People see what they want to see. I know many successful trans people operating on a high level- models, composers, stage musicians, the former keyboard player for Jethro Tull, an astrophysicist, numerous successful artists, a couple politicians. It's not just about visibility, it's about perception. You may know people but not know that you know them, if you take my meaning.
I've known people like Morgan. Quite a few, in fact.
And I refuse to play divide and conquer. While it's true that not all transgender people are transsexual, it's equally true that all transsexuals are transgendered.
Also, as for ambiguity making people uncomfortable, that's an argument that's been used to excuse hate crimes. I know that's not your intent, but it does reinforce that we're all in this together.