Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Episode # 257 - June 2nd, 2009

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Anonymous said...

The first panel in this thread that I actually like!

Anonymous said...

"And she was never heard from again..."


Michelle said...

I'm sorry things didn't work out, but maybe now Morgan and Brad will become better friends.

Anonymous said...

So that's it. Let's move on. This storyline was never going to work.

Marc said...

Good for you, Morgan! Maybe Brad can learn a thing or two from her.

Anonymous said...

Brad is still written as such a self-centered jerk. Does he expect the world to revolve around him? Big deal Brad, so you kissed Morgan , then you ran away like the coward that you are. Kyle knew better because he knows what an insecure idiot Brad is. Evidenced by every time Brad does this flake game with people then expects them to be pining for him and when he sees them with others ,he is upset, Brad grow up, get a life and get off your pedestal - Morgan knew you were just experimenting and playing with her. As long as Greg Fox keeps Brad one dimensional ,it will be the same I'm the baseball player look how hot i am walking around the B/B in my underwear type situations. Just for once I'd like to see Brad knocked down several notches, stop writing him like everyone wants him at the B/B. Frankly, Im not into the smooth pretty boy look with the always so perfectly drawn abs. I'd rather so more hairy,middle aged men on the strip.

diana green said...

Anony, old salt, what is your major malfunction?
I've been reading the comic as long as it's been out, so to speak, and I like a diverse storyline.
Your "this makes me uneasy, so it shouldn't be in this story" mantra is getting rather old.
I would be happy to have Morgan as part of the permanent cast of Kyle's. I find her much more challenging than Lance's mercenary one-dimensionality, or even Richard's aging barfly routine, much fun as that can be at times.
And there have been middle-aged bears in the strip in the past, and I'm sure there will be again.
Why do you begrudge someone else having a turn?
Relax and enjoy the ride. As the late great Jerry Mills said in the classic strip Poppers, there's room enough for everyone unless your closet's too crowded.

Luca said...

Go Morgan!! :P

Anonymous said...

To Diana Green, get a life and bite me. Where did I say this makes me uneasy so it shouldn't be in the story crap come from? I don't begrudge anything, I'm saying that if you think Richard and Lance are tired but not this stuff, then you must be a tran yourself or someone who likes this type of one dimensional b/s. And by the way I'm 43 hardly an old salt but you must be 20ish and a twink.

diana green said...

Well, as long as we're getting personal:
I'm 55, 20 years post-op. I've proudly said this before repeatedly in these forums. Pay attention.
You say that ("you must be a tran") like an accusation. I wear it with pride.
And I'm not "a tran". There's no such thing. That's asinine and inaccurate terminology, akin to calling someone a "gay homosexual". It betrays your vast ignorance on these issues.
As far as when you said this character shouldn't be in this story, you've said that in those words in this forum commenting on past strips, from the first appearance of Morgan onwards. Your catty comment earlier on this strip ("and she was never heard from again, FLUSH") echoes that sentiment.
Yeah, I think Lance is boring. People who care about money more than they do other people are boring and annoying.
As far as Richard, he's an interesting enough character, but even he is starting to realize the ultimate pointlessness of clubbing.
Mind, every character doesn't have to be likable for a work to be worth reading. Annoying characters add spice to a storyline, unlike in real life, where they're simply annoying. Our current discussion is a case in point.
And "old salt" is just a colloquialism. Relax.
"Get a life"? Made that up yourself, did you? At least I have the guts to sign my name, Mr. Anonymous.
I have a life I'm very happy with, and one of the characters in the current storyline reflects part of my life. I like that, and I'm glad it's there, but I'm going to continue reading Kyle's whether Greg drops Morgan from the strip or not.
I love good comic strips about the queer communities, and there aren't that many of them.
As Zonker said in an early Doonesbury, if you can't play nice, why don't you just go take a shower or something?

diana green said...

Apologies if my post appears twice. it didn't appear to send the first time.

:{p so there said...

I did take a shower but did you?. Oh wait that's right you don't need to- dirt just trickles off your perfect skin. as for the flush comment dear ,i did not post it, anyone can log in as anonymous duh. and i could care less whether or not you post your name as diana green or whatever you'd like to call yourself. people post anon on here as they please. if i felt the need to march like you do i would. everyone had opinions and ill bet your just one of those busybodies. keep posting dearie - cheerio

Anonymous said...

OK does everyone here get the point its only a comic strip? I have been reading it since the start, sometimes it hits home some times it does not....but really get over it. Everyone has a different feeling about every topic. I kind of feel bad for Brad personally sometimes cause he is so I am a stud but deep down he is insecure.

Cori said...

Don't walk.......
Run Morgan,Run.....away from that flake and his drama....
you have enough of your own....
stick with Diego

Anonymous said...

Dear Diana and Mr. Anonymous:

Unlike most gay message boards and forums, this website managed to have lively discussions without getting rude or resorting to immature personal attacks. Seeing how both of you are at ages where you should know better, how about helping us preserve the sanity of this little community.

There are many ways to express opposing opinions while preserving your integrity and social graces. Next time you have something on your chest that you wish to unload, think: WWKD (what would Kyle do?).

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Your UnAuthorized Good Manners Police

JoshH said...

Let me see if I fully understand the responses to this latest twist. Brad is shocked that someone he kissed had sex with a complete stranger, and he's a dick because he assumed that person might at least be interested in him. Morgan, who has been relentlessly ogling and openly flirting with Brad, who also kissed him back, sleeps with a guy who has the exact same build as Brad, and she's a saint.

I don't understand the constant degrading this one presumably popular character goes through in this house. Since arriving at the B&B in the first episode, Brad has gone from struggling to accept his sexuality to being able to say without guilt that he is a gay man. Yet during that time he has been sexually and emotionally rejected by men of every race, by HIV positive Jeff Olsen, whom Brad virtually begged to be with him, and now he's been rejected by Morgan, too. That pretty much summarizes the Brad situation--he's the only gay man who has ever lived who has been rejected by every single demographic within the LGBT community. And, to further complicate matters, there's absolutely no hint that there's any one person on the entire planet who is even slightly interested in getting to know him.

I'm assuming this endless rejection is for two purposes: 1) to remind readers of this comic that a person can be good looking, affable and available yet be utterly unappealing to other men for the most dismissive and whimsical reasons; and 2) to set up the shocking dramatic arc this fall when the entire cast of characters returns to the B&B after a dinner party only to discover Brad hanging from a tree in the front lawn (clad only in his underwear, naturally), with a suicide note saying he's finally accepted that absolutely no one has, could or ever will want him, even for a one night stand, let alone a lifetime. I see no other logical arc than that based on the progression of his character to this point.

Anonymous said...

I think I love you.

Halorous said...

I like Brad. So Thank You JoshH. I was getting tired of seeing Brad constantly run down.

I think he's still trying to find out who he is.

I didn't realize that once you accept yourself as gay you're suppose to automatically become this whole different person over night. Accepting of everyone and open to all possibilities. Apparently that is what most expected to happen to Brad. It doesn't even happen that way in real life. Why would you expect it to happen that way in a Comic Strip.

If you're lucky that happens, but not all at once.

No, Brad isn't perfect and there isn't anyone in this strip who is. They all have their faults.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that Brad, while finally admitting he is gay, has not reached the self acceptance stage. As such he is not comfortable in a relationship and ends up screwing it up. He is also immature. He was not always rejected, but eventually there is so much that people can take in a relationship with someone who still suffers internal homophobia.

As for Morgan, while not my favorite character, she has not hooked up with a random stranger. Rather this guy who, while built like Brad, is also built like 90% of the guys on the B&B (blame Greg's fondness for well muscled and well endowed guys). He is also an OLD friend, as she put it, who came to visit her all the way from Argentina. Obviously he has no issues with her gender ambiguities and obviously he thought she was worth the trouble, let alone the expense.

Si far, Brad comes across as if he feels that only he is worth an effort.

Sorry Josh, I am not ready to join the Brad Pity Party wagon.

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight-pun intended-....Brad and Matt break-up and he kisses this tranny and then she turns him down too? Look....the storylines involving Brad are BORING and dated. What's more is that they are cliche'. Come on now....Bring back Matt and this time have him hook-up with Jeff again. That was FAR more juicier than ANY storyline that you have had thus far!

Anonymous said...

I still *hear* Brad.

Anonymous said...

bummer. it was meant to say

I still *heart* Brad.

Anonymous said...

Brad's an okay person. Being a bit flakey and insecure doesn't make you OMG the worst person to ever exist, so I don't understand where all the Brad-hate comes from. He's not the best character but he's far from the worst.
My only other thought on this is that Diego is quite sexy. If I were a gay man I'd be all over that like chocolate syrup on ice cream.