Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Episode # 258 - June 16th, 2009

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Anonymous said...

It's annoying when this happens, but funny too. We now text each other when we have visiters. Well, he does. I still think it's funny, and hey - any excuse to see the other half naked.
That and it's stopped my family from turning up unannounced!

Anonymous said...

Yay No Morgan AND we get Breyer! The gods are smiling upon us.

buff said...

Breyer is just so cool, especially when he is naked and hot. WOOF

Mega hairy muscle hugs of Gay Pride to you, Greg, all the hotties at Kyles and everyone.

Showing off your Pride just got a new meaning. I approve!!!

Anonymous said...

back to the mundane

The One and Only Ridor said...

I preferred average/small dicks than large dicks.

So I love Breyer!

Greg, don't you ever plot to have Kyle dump Breyer or I'll come after you! :-)


Mark said...

Oh my .......I can see the head in the shadow

Anonymous said...

Top row, second panel: Clark Kent becoming Superman. He always tears open the button-down shirt. KYLE'S is a Superhero strip!

Anonymous said...

ha too funny.
i love kyles' mothers comment about there wasnt much to be offended by.
and im so glad that nonsense with morgan and brad was very shortlived.

too much has been focused on brad and his continuing self-centered shallowness.

Luca said...

Indeed we see too much of Brad and not enough of the other characters (who are also interesting, you know?! ;) ).

I hope Morgan was not in function of Brad though, he can also be an interesting character with some development

Ray Avito said...

Mrs. Graham is a pistol...I'm just imagining the deadpan delivery!