Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Episode # 290 - Sept. 7th, 2010

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diana green said...

Typical micro management type. He wants to scrutinize Brad's work every inch of the way. But he expects Brad to give up his professional skills as an athlete for free for his enjoyment.
What a jerk.
He'll soon learn that the things that make this B & B work are not driven by the bottom line, but by something deeper. Either he'll learn that or he'll soon be gone.

Peter said...

Something smells rotten in this B&B, and it even has a name... Price Kingsbury.

BTW, who gives him the right to walk into the communal shower in the sports basement, when he himself is just wet behind the ears.

Ken said...

Oh snap!! I would love to see Brad "stick" it to Price! And not in a sexy way if you guys know what I mean? LOL!

Michael said...

Hmmm...I wonder if Price has even considered that, since Brad is away for part of the year, it's kind of not fair that he pays the full rate for rent as a basis from which to subtract the handyman discount? His absence works both ways. Brad's already not getting his money's worth in rent because he's away so much, and this new guy wants to do this to him? Price is headed for a fall, and a big one. I predict Kyle will soon have had enough and evict him from the B&B. Anyone agree with my points/ observations/ soothsaying?

Peter said...

@Michael, you're so right! But we need characters like this to keep the comic interesting and in the mean time see all walks of life, we're not different from the straights except our sexual interest.

whiskers said...

Finally a juicy story with an evil character Price Kingsbury. I hope in the end everyone bands together and really gives it to him. Good Job Greg Fox, wish we didnt have to wait another 2 weeks to see what happens next.

Cory said...

Price is a rat!
Things were running smooth BEFORE he got there.
His input is NOT needed

Anonymous said...

Interesting storyline. Price is a total sleaze. I always enjoy seeing Brad's beautiful muscular body, naked except for the strategic placement of the towel.

Anonymous said...

Michael is spot on with his financial analysis. If only Brad was smart enough to think of it himself! He does look good though...

By the way, Greg, I love the autumnal background!

Mr Wogtastic said...


Look at brad- how could any sane man talk to him about rent when that hot hunk is there with everything hanging out!

Too bad the towel was in the way!

Leave the rent and enjot the ride Price!:)


Mr Wogtastic

Anonymous said...

"May not like where..."? Oh Brad, after twelve years still so clueless about painful sexual joys.
Brad and Price would make such a cute couple..: ken-dolly, dopey, spoilt.. they both even have silly names.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and about what Michael pointed out... Kyle's business is in a sorry condition because of the slapdash way of running it. In fact, we do not know how much work Brad actually does to make up for the rent break, nor how much time he spends out of the gay dollhouse.
Michael seems to assume that there is a perfectly symmetrical balance between the amount of the rent and the handjob... sorry... handwork Brad may be doing at Kyle's. It seems that Steele would be losing money only if the B&B were a wreck and the repairs' worth would surpass the rent. Otherwise it looks like it is Kyle the one losing money.