Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vintage Episode # 159

Just CLICK on the episode image, at left, to view it at FULL SIZE.(Don't try reading it at this size, or you'll miss out on all the detail! ,). Click on the pic! (NOTE: For some browsers, you may need to click on the pic one more time AFTER it opens up in a new window, to bring it up to full size).

You may have noticed that this episode is a rerun; not something I do very often. In fact, this is only the second time in the history of the comic strip I"ve done so. But the plain fact is, between the Holiday rush and the recent, (and impending), heavy snowstorms... I need to take a moment to regroup, and prepare for the next episode, # 299, and then, yes.... episode # 300!!!  

In the meantime, enjoy this vintage episode from the archives, (from before the strip was being done in full-color).  Since we saw Nick and Dave in the last episode, # 297, I thought it might be fun to see the first time they met, way back in episode # 159.  This episode, by the way, will be included in the next Kyle's B&B book.... which, I suppose I can announce it now.... will hopefully be published later this year!

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Unknown said...

A great way to start off the New Year, Greg.

Can't wait for the next Kyle's B&B book.

Mega hairy muscle hugs wishing you all the best.

WranglerMan said...

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

Good Luck with #299 and #300! And the impending snowstorm!

Anonymous said...

In the last panel is Dave checking out Nick? Thanks for this. They are one of the best couples. We do not see much of them.

diana green said...

Fuzzbuzz beat me to it. Another bound volume, when you have time to breathe, please!

Anonymous said...

The episode Kyle and Breyer met for the first time was epic... still a favorite of mine. So if you had considered a rerun of an episode featuring the first meeting of one of the couples, that could have been the best option.


Anonymous said...

I hope the only reason it doesn't appear in the Blade (Orange County, CA) this month is because it's a repeat, NOT because they've dropped it!