Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Episode # 299 - Jan. 25th, 2011

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Peter said...

Price got maffia connections?!

WendellE said...

I don't like Price one little bit, but Orson the gardener got what he deserved. I mean, ten THOUSAND dollars blackmail for masturbating in a pool? $10.00, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Brook Brothers... "impressive"?!! Haha! They both are truly very "Brook Brothers"... "style".
A match made in bitchland.


Anonymous said...

This is going to take awhile. Lance have a good challenge.

Cory said...

That had to be the most stupidest blackmail I've ever heard of!!
This guy wanted 10k for catching someone jerk-off?
Who would pay him 10 cents for that?
He probably wasn't even legal to be in the country LOL
let alone blackmail Price

Anonymous said...

Price talks a bunch of crap.
Looks like Lance might need to dig deeper to figure it out. Obviously Price has ulterior motives as we already know he is scheming to do something to Kyle. Something will slip and Price will finally be kicked to the curb.

Anonymous said...

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