Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Episode # 424 - November 10th, 2015

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ethan2chris said...

Why does Richard always get away with stunts like this? He wants you to think he's just a playful madcap, but he really does it to irritate.

I've known people like this in life, so its very realistically observed. It's a character disorder--irritating others is how Richard feels powerful. I'd like to see someone in the house paste him one right in the mouth.

Not that it would do him any good.

ShaunNJ said...

Richard's a weird character. He has some good traits - like helping keep Price from taking over BnB and helping Michael make his statement at Olympics. Then he has annoying behavior - hitting on his best friends bf, setting Jake up with guys he has nothing in common with on the pretense of finding him a relationship vs one nighters.

Wanting to post pics of Kyle on Facebook without asking is rude as is delving into everyone's past (although it did solve the "mystery" regarding how a colleague was aware of Drew's tattoo). Overall, mixed reaction to Richard - not always a fan or look forward to his appearance.

Luca said...

Richard is a prankster, I wouldn't get too flustered by his behavior, however irritating.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Just a joke. To Greg: You have misdated today's comic in 2014: ''Episode # 424 - November 10th, 2014''. DC

Anonymous said...

Looks like Richard has a new friend, or partner in crime?

Anonymous said...

I really think Greg should do some posts on his FB about the Kyle's past. It could be a funny thing for the followers, doesn't it? Well, the comic has his name, but we see and know few things about him and nowadays he is one of the few chars that doesn't show too much (read it as show skin). Yeah, I wanna see him shirtless to see if he has a nice bodyshape >:D at least