Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Episode # 428 - January 5th, 2016

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MelliePh said...

I hope that Lance doesn't mess things up with Drew. He may push him into Jeremy's arms.

ShaunNJ said...

Hopefully Lance will learn to be tender in his lovemaking - I suppose Jeremy may well serve as the catalyst for Lance's sexual evolution. Not such a fan of the Jeremy Trang character - it'd be interesting to see more of the guys who encounter Angel Steve every Christmas: the lonely nurse, the aging go go dancer, etc.

The only other thing I have to say: Drew - would you move your leg a bit to the left please?

Anonymous said...

This is a more realistic relationship than the one that is portrayed by Kyle and Breyer. I've had to go back and re-read the history of these two. They've dealt with: Separation, trust issues, sexual positions and such. And not this issue: performance anxiety. But it's a little too formulaic, it seems that whenever there's a situation for drama, it seems as if these two are the ones to whom the artist turns to. It would be nice other individuals interact. That being said: I'd like to see an update on some of the other characters.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Lance pretty warm (for him) in his in Drew's courtship phase? Is he really screwing Drew like every other guy he's been with? Hmm. This isnt the update in mind I had for them.
I want to be in love with some of these storylines again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: You hit the nail on the head. It just seems to be the running norm for when there is drama needed. What happened to the wedding between Nick and the guy in the wheelchair?(It's been so long since we've seen him that I forgot his name) What's going on with Nick and the bear? When will we see Matt and Jeff again?...What I'm saying is that it doesn't make sense to have Lance drool all over Drew and then all of a sudden care about what some flight attendant states. What I'm stating is: what happened to the storyline?!?


Anonymous said...

I rarely disagree with Greg Fox, but thinking that Lance has a history of tenderness. Thinking the guy that became a priest, Lance was very tender with him?

Don't you think Drew would be angry with the fight attendant too for messing with his boyfriend's head, as well as interrupting Drew's routine?

Where's that Richard when you need him? Richard can put that flight attendant in his proper place.

Peter said...

Do you really want to talk about all the people you've had sex before with your latest conquest? That's really insecure as Drew tells Lance.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to agree with Anonymous. First of all, Thank you Greg for creating and illustrating this comic strip!!!!! However, I think that Lance was starting to show some tenderness and insight with Drew...

I'd be very upset with Jeremy for daring to even make a statement and mess with Lance's head. I find it to be tacky and I can't understand why Drew would even remotely agree with him....That being said: it seems as if Greg only wants drama with this couple and to illicit response...We need another storyline or couple that is as interesting as Drew and Lance. For example: how does Kyle feel about Breyer doing nude cleaning to make more money? When will we see the wedding?...

I think that Lance and Drew should have their own strip, BRING!BACK! MATT and others!


Synnerman said...

Price may have competition for the Evil Queen crown.

Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Well well... I wanna say something about the storyline too. I agree when ppl say that some chars are forgotten and some relationships are unrealistic. It's Greg's comic strip and I guess he knows what he is doing. Cuz he has been writing and drawing this comics strip for years, so I don't think he has some lack of experience.

It's hard to change some status quo in some chars. Check the mainstream in comics and u gonna find a ton of chars that never changes, and when it happens, well sometimes it comes back later. Perhaps Greg wanna keep somethings steady like Kyle and Breyer relationship. Or try to make some big drama with Lance and Drew, cuz they are in the spotlight now. I guess Greg has plans. I usualy see he putting some new char when he see or find something interesting to talk about, like the russian char and the russia's laws about gays. Or the Jamaican dude. These chars lasts just that moment and then they're gone. It's not wrong.

I like how Greg built this comic strip without use sex or explicit nudity as a way or the main issue to get readers. It's hard find comics about gays without porn be indexed. It's few and we know. It has a true story to read and carry on. The only advice I could give to Greg, if I can, is: update the strip once in a week and making some rotativity with the chars. Like one week to show Breyer and Kyle doing something, the next could be Rudy dealing with a different generation and believe me still Frosty in some adventure in nature. I believe it gonna give a better perspective about the world in comics strip and give different things to read.

I dunno Greg schedule and life and what he can do or not. But here is what I believe that I good comic maker should try or do. Variety doesn't hurt. Hope Greg understand it well. Keep the good job.


P.S.: I'm the reader who asked for Kyle shirtless. ;) and sorry for the big comment :/

Anonymous said...

But just because it's Greg's comic strip doesn't mean that it's to be devoid of some things that can make it a little better. I DO think that he may have a lack of experience when it comes to interracial dating or hook ups. It's not the same as same race and it has it's own ramifications and struggles.

This 2nd paragraph was interesting because there is no such thing as a relationship without ANY sort of drama and that's what people here, myself in particular, don't get as far as Breyer and Kyle is concerned. I mean we still know very little about Breyer and even Kyle for that matter. The thing with Lance and Drew is that this couple CONSISTENTLY gets more response than any other couple here for a number of reasons. Starting with the fact that they are FAR more interesting than any other couple featured and the fact that they are interracial at that only adds to the allure.

I'll agree with the fact that there should be some type of rotation going on. Or at the very least some updates on previous characters because that ice skater story was boring and this new character is little more than an Asian Barbie...


Anonymous said...

Nice COmic, I like it so much!!

Comicporno said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,

I really appreciated ur healthy answer to my comment. It's nice talk about as readers. So we agree about the rotation of chars, hope Greg agrees too. About that inter-racial dating, well I'm not very aware about issues, cuz for me it's a date like anyone. The only things I usualy heard about that, for gays, are silly statements about sizes and roles, what I think is superficial. But if ppl are interested about, perhaps Greg should start to answer some questions in the own comic strip.

I believe we are always learning and when u say Greg has some lack of experience in writing somethings like interracial dating, well perhaps he needs to make a research about that. Actualy all the good writers never stop of researching about what they wanna write. And when u do comics well u still have to learn how to draw (think about how hard it is).

It's not an excuse... I know. But every artist has their good jobs and the bad jobs. I truly believe what Greg needs, in my personal opinion is readers to give more healthy opinions about the comic strip, while Greg does his homework to analise that data with his own researching.

Everybody has a personal opinion and Greg will be the only one to decide what is nice or not. I hope he can bring nice and insteresting things this year (I personally wouldn't mind in see some bared bodies, cuz he draws is wells XD). I really hope he can appreciate our comments and consider in do some changings for the well-being of the comic strip.


Anonymous said...


How are you? Thank you for stating that my answer was a healthy and sane one. I just think that there HAS to be an interesting storyline outside of drew and Lance. Long have readers been asking for an update on characters though. To be honest with you, the new characters are just not interesting at all to me. Jeremy, Price and that Asian ice skater put me to sleep in every episode that they are in. In short, it's nothing but gay drama and they don't necessarily add to any salient storyline...

With regards to interracial dating, it's good that it's represented in the strip but I wish that there was more of an in depth interaction. For example: when Drew and Lance go out, is there a negative connotation from either black or white or both? What was Lance's life like BEFORE? What made Drew move into Kyle's bed and breakfast? When did Breyer know that he was gay? You're correct about research! That's the one thing that any individual can do. The more research is done, the better. I firmly believe that's what killed Chelsea Boys. They started out quite strong but their storylines went south and were unrealistic!

You 3rd paragraph is DEAD on! I don't know about the bared bodies but I personally wouldn't mind seeing a wedding for one thing and I also would like to see some of the effects of homophobia OUTSIDE of the bed and breakfast. For example: do these guys go out? Work place? When will Brad graduate to major leagues? Will we ever see Rudy in some type of relationship? Financial woes?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,

I'm fine, tks. Hope u are fine too. All of ur questions need to be answered, cuz some of these are mine too. As I said once, some chars just last one storyline, like the ice skater. I liked of him cuz was the first time I saw some chars (Kyle) traveling abroad and the only problem to me in that moment was that Greg could have showed more about how things are in Russia, but it's ok.

These questions about interracial dates and how ppl fell about that is a nice thing to work too. We can get different opinions. I agree we need to see different backgrounds too beside the house. Cuz it's the only way to work it.

I checked Chelsea boys, but it's too cartoon and I don't like of comics in that style (personal choice). Oh lol, the bared bodies. Not long ago I saw Drew in bed with Lance, and Price going to attend the door while he was showering. Well, I liked of what I saw XD.

I hope Greg is reading this, having some fun too, and noting. Cuz perhaps it's the time for changings, good ones... to improve the comic strip, or kill it with wrong choices.


Anonymous said...


I suppose that was the good thing about the ice skater in terms of traveling to another area or country. But it would be unrealistic for the skater to give up his chance at a gold medal and lose an Olympic competition just to come out. The storyline was fraught with complications to say the least. I agree, I wanted to see what Russia's stance on gays projected in the comic strip.

The thing about interracial dating is that individuals may see other people as an object or members of the same race may be racially motivated or even homophobic. Again, this is a side of the topic that is left untouched and unspoken within the confines of the comic strip but in the true gay world, it's discussed on a regular basis and some of the discussions can be heated to say the least on BOTH sides of the racial coin. But again, we never see Drew and Lance or Jake and Eduardo go through that type of thing.

I liked the Chelsea Boys but they started to get way too cliché with not enough realistic viewpoints at all! I don't want that to happen to this strip. I'm not a big fan of XD or bare. Sorry. But I am a big fan of good storytelling and I think that Greg hits on the right topics but they fizzle out sooner than they should. At this point, it's more about shock value it seems. It's to the point to where I can almost predict how this strip is going to come out. Also, I'd like to see more of the strip drawn and not just a page. Art should imitate life to a degree

I hope that he is reading this too and taking notes because change is the one constant in life but for gay men, we have to recognize what we need! It's better to be challenging the status quo than to just go along with it.


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