Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Episode # 469 - August 1st, 2017

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Anonymous said...

OK, first things first....Kyle, not ONLY 'what were you thinking'...WHAT are you WEARRRR-ING (panel 6)!!? : 0

I never expected KYLE, of all people, to go the Sexy Spandex route,
but ME LIKEY! ...honestly, Me 'Likey' better on Price...bulge nonwithstanding....ha-HAA! ; )

SO, as I predicted, Sergei is moving in; I don't really know what to make of this anymore.

I'm trying to give The Man the benefit of a doubt, but I don't know if I can step up for him anymore, if he is portrayed this way.

Obviously, Sergei is VERY brusque, to the point of turning off viewers; He probably is THE most loathed character in the B&B history. I took him as A Rough Russian, with a soon to be exposed Heart Of Gold, BUT, he has been introduced to us back in JANUARY, and he still seems to be antagonizing Jake with 'cocky talk'.

Kyle obviously sees something between the Two, so does that mean Kyle sees the GOOD in SerGAY?! He let him move in, didn't he?!

Kyle ALSO thinks they could be like Him and Breyer; but Kyle, Honey, it's obvious Breyer left you, and you don't know it...WE sure do!

I KEED, I KEED! anyhoo....onward Story, GO! : )


Ardenwolfe said...

I'm telling you . . . stalker. And now he's moving in? Single White Female-level stalker. Flee the house!

Mark said...

I've just been re-reading the strip from the beginning, and Sergei and Jake are pretty much EXACTLY like Breyer and Kyle were...to the point where Greg wisely has Kyle point it out. Everyone seems to love Breyer, so I don't see why people seem to have a problem with Sergei.

Just waiting for the kiss panel now.

Oh, and I agree with RBS7079...that outfit seems out of character for Kyle, but it does look good on him!

Mike said...

Ugh. No. Just... no. Now Kyle is sinking in my estimation as well. Breyer was never the flat-out a-hole that Sergei has been, and continues to be.

This storyline is a complete turnoff, and there is nothing redeeming about Sergei. And trying to twist and contort him into a redeemable character is bogus.

Guys who act like that -- rude, obnoxious, stalker-y -- they do not make good partners, period!

Just hate this so much, I can't even.

CQA said...

Actually, it's pronounced more like "Seeare-geeay".


whiskers65 said...

This strip gets so predictable , add drama, lather rinse repeat. If i was Jake, id find someplace else to hang out since it would seem Kyle himself likes to instigate trouble.

Caddy said...

I will be honest .....I wasn't crazy about the pushy Russian bear from the beginning and someone said something about this character turning off viewers...well that totally sums up my feelings right now...moreso than any other character.....

YC said...

The only thing I can say, so far, is that Kyle is inviting in more trouble than he thinks. He owns the BnB, right? Shouldn't he at least do some background checks on the prospective people he lets stay there? You know, get references and other information? Seems he's letting anyone stay at the bed and breakfast just to fill the vacancies.

My goodness, what if he's one of those nightmare tenants that turns their room into a trash heap?
Sergei... ugh. I've said my part. If this is a cultural thing and he played on an American hockey team for at least three seasons, he should know how interpersonal communication is different than what happens in Russia. Portraying yourself as an alpha male doesn't mean you can't be a gentleman! If you want help carrying boxes, you ask for it! Also, looking down on a marginalized demographic you don't approve of (twinks, younger men, etc.) and offering yourself as a better alternative - he better have receive something soon to alter his paradigm in the near future, because fists will start to fly around the BnB!

magickmagus said...

Oh, for heaven's sake. Sergei is the most interesting character Greg's come up with yet. If you have a house full of underwear models, it gets old. With Sergei (and Greg pronounces it correctly) you have a treasure trove of having a complex character with many levels to choose and develop. I can hardly wait until Sergei starts calling Jake "dooshka." Keep of the good work, Greg!


Anonymous said...

...Hey all, I've decided to come back, and add more of my nonsensical 'two cents' on this Sergei thing, since my clothes are in the dryer...

I agree with Me Bud, @magickmagus, about having a 'complex character' at the B&B that isn't so 'feely-feely'(although I LOVE my 'underwear models'..neurotic Price in particular); Sergei is coming off stereo-typically Russian, but there are levels to his character that we haven't seen yet that COULD be developed as the storytelling continues.

My previous post came off more like frustration of the Sergei character not 'forwarding' enough...Jake himself is a complex character, and I grew to like him, because I normally don't see into his 'demographic' (Older "Bear", if you will.) But, in August, we are JUST now learning to pronounce his NAME, is not helping us to connect with Sergei to see PAST the 'Rough Russian' layering.

His wardrobe has changed considerably (those tight, red shorts he favors, is Light Years better than the Plaid Husky-Man shirts), so I have faith in Greg adding 'layers' to this Man, in hopes to reveal the Inner SerGAY, and just MAYBE, he can be (with Jake), a rarely seen demographic; a COMPLEX, loving, caring, hairy, burly, thick, juicy, SEXY, middle-aged, GAY COUPLE.

WHEW!! is it getting hot in here?! I think getting my stuff from the dryer is gonna OVERHEAT me! ha-HAAA!!

..lets give the Russian Porcupine a chance, so they KISS ALREADY, dammit! TOODLES!! : )

Mike said...

Nope, not giving the Russian any more chances than he's already had -- he's been a jerk, over and over, in every single appearance. And the gay-shaming attitude about "not a real man" he evinced earlier is toxic poison to the gay community. Self-hating BS at its worst.

That's not "being complex", that's being an egotistical self-centered jack@ss.

There's nothing "interesting" in that kind of behavior. And slapping two men together just because they are the same age and body-type is ridiculous.

Jake should have more self-respect than to EVER give Sergei the loser the time of day. And I used to think more of Kyle, but if he's willing to try to match-make someone who is supposedly his friend with such a self-centered twink-shaming jerk, then I don't think very highly of Kyle either.

And glossing over the Russian's faults, slights, insults, and arrogance just because "hey, he and Jake are both middle-aged bears" is the very definition of superficial.

Sergei represents something very self-destructive and poisonous in the gay community. There's nothing "sexy" about his dismissiveness and sneering towards non-bear gay men. I don't care what his sob-story past is, there's no excuse for the behavior we've already seen from him.

magickmagus said...

No Mike, you're wrong.

Ardenwolfe said...

Actually, he's not. It's his opinion. Given professionally and accurately.. And I'm inclined to agree with him.