Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Episode # 472 - September 12th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

...Hmmm....Is Greg trying to subliminally make SerGAY a 'Teddy Bear' to us readers, in his 'Teddy'?!

and, Rich, a DJ Party on Fire Island...In SEPTEMBER? man, I really AM outta the loop...ha-HAA! : )

WELL, Sergei's back..and I guess he's settling in the B&B, if he's already walking about in the cutie Teddy; MAN, I luv a sturdy Man with sturdy legs, in something with easy access! ha-HAA! ; )

..Apparently Jake does too, with the tinges of Jealousy coming from him, watching Serg's flirty way with Richard; are we seeing signs of budding feelings from Jake?

...Hope so, since both look devastating in Panel 3...jawlines for DAYS! Hey, 'Locksmith' ...undo those locks, and KISS the porcupine already, DAMN! ha-HAA!


Ardenwolfe said...

Subtle, Sergei ain't. I still say he's a stalker. And that teddy bear dress is hideous, honey.

Unknown said...

I've decided I like Sergei. He's confident and he goes for what he wants -- the perfect antidote to Jake's poor-me, hang-dog personality. No wonder Jake doesn't like him.

It's a little weird that Sergei keeps ending up at the same places as the B&B crew, but (if it's intentional) it kind of makes sense. Jake's the kind of guy you've got to wear down. I bet their friction would make for some pretty hot sex.

As always, Greg, I'm loving the relationship drama. Thanks for pairing up characters who provide a good contrast to each other. Sergei and Jake could probably learn a lot from each other, just like Brad and Price.

Looking forward to the next installment!

-- Thom H.

Mark said...

It's very nice to hear someone say something NICE about Richard for a change. His B&B housemates are always running him down, and the fans here never have anything nice to say about him, either. People seem to be angry at him for embodying some hideous gay stereotype, serenely ignoring the fact that they know ten guys just like him. I admire Richard too, Sergei! Without guys like him, we'd never be where we are today!

Oh, and I like that we're hopefully easing past the "I hate you!" "You want me!" phase of this story line. I like Sergei, but Jake is even duller than Kyle, and I don't need an extended replay of Kyle's abrasive courtship with Breyer.

ethan2chris said...

I wonder if it's the gay stereotype that readers dislike in Richard, or his habit of making jokes that abrade people's vulnerabilities.

I personally don't mind Richard's high-maestro gayness. All that irreverence and joking around is what gives gay life its tang.

It's when Richard knifes away at someone's sore spot that I dislike him. And he does it all the time, to everyone. He may think he's just being playful, but it's low and destructive.

And I'll say this: if I were in a shipwreck, he's the last one I'd want in my lifeboat.

Anonymous said...

..Hey all, I think I'd better chime in (again), about my view of Richard's stature at the B&B before it gets heavy.... : )

If you look back at all of the posts of the B&B Series, just this year, ONE character is featured the most...Richard.

Greg clearly loves adding him to story lines & appearances, so there IS a need for him here, and NOT just for a stereotyped presence.

He is designed mostly for comic relief: a Gay "Ringo" of sorts, and, there IS some truth to Richard's stereotype. But within the context of this strip, he's / it's mostly accepted.

And, as for Me, I TOTALLY accept him, for the frosted-tipped, pink bedroom-ed, Drew hair-styling, eavesdropping, Price-baiting, drama-loving, Fire Island DJ'ing Queen that he is.

...AND, wants to be.

Kyle accepts him for that too, hence, him staying at the B&B...AND, for free, apparently; gotta work on that, Kyle!!

...I'll reserve judgement on him, when I see what he scheming up with Price; I hope it's JUICY (like Price's backside!) ha-HAAA!!


Ardenwolfe said...

Readers dislike Richard? Really? I think he's one of the most well-rounded characters in the series. And you'll always know where he stands with the other characters. That's why this plot with his former nemesis bothers me a little.

Richard would just come out and say what he thinks and feels to Christian. Since when is Richard shy or subtle? That said, I'm betting this is actually a way to get closer to Price. These actions make the most sense if you wanted to 'get into bed' with that sneak.

It's certainly bait Price could never pass up. And couldn't/ But we'll see.

SALK said...

Greg !!! Please, please, you have to let us peek in that party!!! :-)

Mike said...

I'm a fan of Richard.

I'm still not a fan of Sergei, and I think the current strip is revisionist BS. Go back and read Sergei's introduction. He was just being an a-hole, it had NOTHING to do with "pointing out how you two looked uncomfortable together".

This is either Sergei lying in order to make himself seem more palatable to Jake, or an author trying to make an unpalatable character seem more acceptable.

I ain't buying it either way. Sergei flirted with a guy he knew was in a couple, made some AWFUL remarks, and attempting to show a "softer side" doesn't excuse ANY of what he said and did in the past.

Indeed, instead of apologizing for being a jerk, he gave the lame "I'm sorry you took it the wrong way" non-apology.

He's gaslighting Jake. Or Greg is trying to gaslight the readers.

Good, honest, decent people do NOT behave the way Sergei has behaved and then slime their way out of apologizing or taking responsibility for it. Hate hate hate this storyline more than ever now.

Ardenwolfe said...

I love Mike's comments. Pretty spot on. I also love RSB's comments and insight. Very refreshing to see another point of view pointed out so respectfully.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

@ Ardenwolfe:

....awwww, Thanks, Bubby! I usually think my 'insight' rambles on a bit, but if the Red Wine is flowin', I get GOIN'! ha-HAAA! : )

Keep blinkin', RBS

ethan2chris said...

Yes, readers dislike Richard. Not all of them, but enough of them to affirm the statement. I've been reading this series for years, and the distaste for the way Richard behaves have come from a chorus of other readers.

It has nothing to do with whether or not he is well-rounded. I didn't say he wasn't well-rounded. I said his habit of needling others on their points of vulnerability is objectionable. Richard will turn on anyone who thwarts his will on anything. He's petty, smug, and conniving.

That doesn't mean he doesn't belong in the narrative. It doesn't mean the artist should alter the character as he sees him. It means what it says: readers who post here have said that they do not like Richard, and I'm one of them.

Dr. John said...

I want to have Sergei's baby! LOL Any t-shirts of him in the making? John