Saturday, December 30, 2017

Price Kingsbury - Kyle's B&B Man of the Year for 2017!!!

It's official.... in a VERY
tight race, our man from
Kentucky has surged ahead
and seized the crown!!!
This is Price's first win,
and it's sure to make
some waves amongst
readers, as he is most
certainly a polarizing
character, (to say the
least!). Congratulations
to Sergei also, who came
in a very close second
place. Our previous 4-time
winner Drew came in a
distant third place. Thank
you to everyone who voted...
and I wish you a very happy
and healthy New Year!!!
There's lots of exciting stuff
coming from Kyle's B&B
in 2018. Stay tuned!!! 😉 💛
(Below are the final results of the poll).


Anonymous said...

BAD BOY, BAD BOY, Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do, when Brad c**ms on you!? Man Of The Year 2017, apparently! ha-HAAA!! : )

FUN poll this year; VERY tight race between the Bad Boys of the B&B (Price & Sergei); it was only last night that they were TIED!

Price looks VERY fetching with that Big Crown on his head...with Big Tits to match! ; )

AND, Lance has set a precedent; NO votes at all apparently, and the WORST showing of ALL TIME! (Dave's 6 votes in 2015 was the previous worst showing.)

...Maybe you're all just jelly 'cause he got Drew? Haters! ha-HAAA!!

Greg, LUV your strip IMMENSELY; Can't wait for the new Book to add to the collection, I still want that BIG BASH for Kyles' 20th, and once again, THANK YOU for the entertaining, warm, funny, cute, and GAY comic strip that I love to 'stay' with; a TRUE Thank You.

...AND with that, I bid Adieu; I hope the B&B will be rockin' with some Warm Pancakes, Adventuresome story-lines, and, maybe some more of Price's backside? Hee-hee! : )

.....Happy NEW YEAR, all, CHOW!

Ardenwolfe said...

About damn time.

Ardenwolfe said...
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Unknown said...

I love the comment regarding Everybody hating on Lance because has has Drew!

ForPrice said...

Congratulations Price! You earned the win!

Mark said...

I am legit happy that Price won. He definitely deserved it. I just want Brad to know that somehow, someway, someday, he will be on top* again.

*figuratively, if not literally. Don't be afraid, Brad! I'll be gentle!