Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Episode # 479 - December 19th, 2017

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Anonymous said...

....well, if the Angel can see it....

FIRST; Sergei barreling through Brad & Drew in Panel 5 (and their shady looks), truly indicates that Sergei is a tad...gruff! ha-HAA!!

SECOND; I thought Drew was a Country Boy, For WHY is he wearing a KILT!?

THIRD; Steve is right, we can't decipher who we fall for, and even when we don't think that person is "The One", In Time, they give you a life preserver.

ah, that Steve. : )

Happy Holidays, all, and to YOU, Greg, all the LUV in the WORLD; THANK You, for making this 'Bed & Breakfast' a place I want to visit over and over..

...until you call the cops on me, for trespassing too much in the comments section! ha-HAAAA!! : )

Happy Holidays, All, CHOW!!

Ardenwolfe said...

I still say he's a stalker.

Gene Park said...

Does the heart have mind of its own?
Flight school Fall 1971 I had started taking flying lessons at Omak WA airport. I had decided to work for a commercial multi-engine fixed wing, instrument rated, retractable undercarriage. The Omak,WA fixed base only two Cessna 152s, 2 passed by FAA. Two of the Cessna's were rebuilt. After being rebuilt by using salvaged parts where needed. The FBO/flight instructor's day job was salvaging wrecked aircraft and recycling parts.
The FBO also gave night classes. Two of my classmates were cowboys who had mounted shotguns on the wing nuts on the struts of a J3 Piper Cub rigging the guns to converge at 150 yards ahead of the J3. The purpose was to kill coyotes.
Wanting to upgrade my flying abilities I went Felts Field in Spokane. I looked up old friends. One couple offered to rent to me a bedroom from the and joined flying club and continued my flying lessons. That was when I met the man who became my lover/spouse for 43 years. I lost him to cancer on 15 August 2015
I have two surviving step-daughters

Unknown said...

That Christmas present was awful and hilarious. I kind of want to date Sergei now.

Thom H.

Yren Czenoxyga said...

(squinting eyes skeptically, readily waiting for the day they decide to call it quits and having a prepared response saying that I saw that it wouldn't last in hindsight)

Greg Fox said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Gene, and sorry for your loss. This time of year always does seem to bring to mind those who aren't with us in bodily form anymore, doesn't it?

Ridor said...

Gene, that was a great story. :-) 43 years is more than just good, it is awesome relationship. I envy people like you.

Iclabon72 said...

I haven't posted a comment in forever, and to answer my own questions about whats been going on, I went back and skimmed some of the most recent strips and what the comments have been.

Greg, so talented, but I still don't understand and wish I did. Why are Jake and Sergei, and Price, why are they more deserving of all this prolonged attention, and yet Richard isn't.

Sigh. Well, anyway. Happy holidays everyone.

Anonymous said...

.....I was gonna disappear after my post, but....GENE!! :o

Don't make me weep before Xmas, now! woo-woo, woo-woo!

Seriously, Gene..Lovely, to have LONG love in your life; Don't you fret, he's now looking out for you and you Step-daughters. : )

...OH, and where've you been, Iclabon72? nice to see you postin' again! : )

...alright, I'm goin', CHOW CHOW!!

Mike said...

Sorry... but this is BS nonsense. Unbelievable, irresponsible, and unhealthy. Trying to make Angel magically make this whole Sergei nonsense okay? Without any consequences or acknowledging of Sergei's awful behavior? With the things Sergei has said, nothing negative happens to him at all? So we now have a heavenly endorsement of the a$$hole behavior and rudeness and bigotry? Total BS.

I'm out, folks. I used to think this strip provided something good and needed aside from being fun, but I just don't agree that this presents a positive or healthy message any more, when a character can be as biased and abusive as Sergei was and nobody in the cast bats an eye. There's so much wrong with the introduction and development of the character, yet the author seems determined to shove him down our throats without any real redemption from that troublesome introduction, without any balancing opinion from ANY of the other characters.

Sorry, but there's enough content out there that I'm just not going to keep supporting work that I no longer think is healthy or relevant. I'm extraordinarily disappointed that it's come to this, as I've enjoyed this strip and the collections for a long time, and I strongly believe in spending my money on gay content provided by gay creators... however, I'm too turned off by what's gone on recently and there's clearly not going to be the comeuppance or reveal I was hoping for.

Not my call, the author can do whatever he likes, but he's lost a long time reader today.

To those I've engaged with in the comments, I wish you all well, I've enjoyed many of our discussions.

Greg Fox said...

Mike, I'm really saddened by your message. I appreciate you having been a loyal reader of the comic strip, and I don't know if there's anything I can say that would make you change your mind about giving up being a regular reader. I want you to know that I've read your comments all along, and it made me look closely at my own motivations and intents with the character of Sergei. I wondered if perhaps I hadn't conveyed everything I meant to convey with the character. Again, I don't know that there's anything I can do or say that would change your opinion. I will say this...when Sergei first appeared in the strip, perhaps I did not make it clear enough that Jake and Eduardo were on the verge of breaking up, (in fact, that had been what Eduardo intended to do that night at the club when Jake first met Sergei). And I never meant to imply that Sergei was there to "wreck" their relationship... he could simply see it was over with those two, and stepped in as Jake became free. Other than that, I know he was a bit abrasive but it's hard for me to agree that he's been abusive in any way. But I respect your opinion, and wish you well, and thank you for being an engaged reader all of this time. And I hope you'll maybe find your way back here someday. Peace. ☮

Anonymous said...

Greg, I, as a longtime reader of your strip, can understand where you are coming from in regards to the character of Sergei, and I believe some may be taking the character a little too much at 'face value'.

I honestly DO respect commentor Mike's opinion (and rebuttals; I love to read respectful, differing, non-baiting opinions), and, wish to not disparage him (or others with the same insight) in any way. But, as I've seen in my (sporadically 20+ years) of reading the strip, the longtime standard setup of almost ALL the B&B characters story-lines within relationships (Nick/Dave, Lance/Drew, Kyle/Breyer) has been, what I call, the "Meet Hate/Cute thing".

It seems to be designed mostly, to open up the character as he / she's being formed; to see how dialogue can flow between these people, to see where a story-line can form in regards to the other characters, etc...

....and, that's where some characters can 'irk' upon arrival, such as Sergei. but THAT'S what make this particular character interesting to me. In life, we don't always get warm, friendly people we interact with / introduced to within our 'circle''s (The BFF's New Boyfriend, The Moody Roommate, The Instigating Co-worker / Boss, etc.)

AND, seeing that we don't see brusque, bear-ish Gay (& Russian!!) characters featured in ANY comic strip (or even in live media), I look forward to see where this complex character leads Jake (or, to see his interactions with the other characters.)

His Santa Hat & his 'Teddy' bear nightie this past Summer / Fall were subtle hints dropped to show the character 'warming up', so I do hope that Mike hopes to stick around and see where the character can go; wouldn't it be SO empowering to say, 'SEE, I TOLD YA' if Sergei turns out to be a Cad!? : )