Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Episode # 483 - February 13th, 2018

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Anonymous said...

...uh-OH, and the comments will be a-COMIN'!! ha-HAAA! : )

WELL, I for one am stating my OWN personal opinion; I've long noted that Sergei was / is a VERY controversial character with his actions / ways, and Jake has a tendency to be ambivalent about opening himself up to someone who may not 'match up' with his elder status.

Other commentators opined that Sergei may be a stalker / rude / brash / etc., but he KNOWS what he wants, goes for it, and there ARE people (Gay or otherwise) that aren't going to be 'sugary-sugary' about things in Love / life / jobs / etc.

Being that he's Russian (regardless of the U.S. Hockey team he played for), he's just NATURALLY brusque (minus Russian sterotypes), and Jake NEEDS an 'ass kicker' in his life, AND at his side.

I, too, feel that moving back home with someone you've JUST started dsting is F-A-S-T, but,these are MATURE Men, and in this case, I feel we have to suspend 'reality' as it is, and just hope for the best for these two.

Jake DID come here to make a new life for himself....he's just now going back....to go FORWARD...with LOVE.

>sniff< ....aw, MAN, JUST when I started gettin' used to Serg's Porcupine Tits! ha-HAAA!! : )

Chow, My lovely Bears, all the BEST!


whiskers65 said...

Unfortunately a lot of gay men do this Bang around a few times for a few short weeks or a few short months and then you get partnered and realize what a mistake you made. Hence why 90% of gay men are in open relationships Because they wanna keep the main banger but still fuck around

Unknown said...

And now I love Sergei even more. His decisiveness is such a gift to Jake.

I don't buy the "it's too soon" to move together argument. For one, their relationship is just as likely to work/not work in Indiana as on Long Island. They could always move to Indiana, decide it's not working, and break up. Also, don't they essentially live together now anyway?

I'll miss them, though -- they're my favorite couple in the strip at the moment.

-- Thom H.

WranglerMan said...

Don't let them go forever! Have them go to Indiana, sell the business, and come back to Long Island with Jake's Mom in tow. I bet she and Sergei would get along famously. I love this couple!!! Sergei is so frecking sexy!!

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see a man who is clear about what he wants and how he wants it. Wonderful job, Greg. *BIG HUGS*

Bud Morries said...


I like your insight! You are SPOT on! Geez!!!! LOL! On the other hand, I'm glad to see them go as Jake is a little too desperate for my tastes but Sergei is HOT eventhough he is questionable. I'd like to know more about Kristian. THat's THE sexiest guy in the house! Richard would do well to hold on to that regularly...


Mark said...

Well, I won't be sorry to see mopey Jake go, but I will miss Sergei. Hopefully they'll break up soon, and Sergei will come back soon. Hmmm...there was another couple that left the B&B together after knowing each other a crazy short time. Maybe Matthias, having been dumped by Bjorn or Fjord or whatever his name was, will run into Sergei on his way back to the B&B, and they'll arrive as a ready-made couple! Haven't had one of those before!

Speaking of couples, I hope that Nick and Dave have found a venue they like and put a deposit down. Places book fast, even if you're wedding is in 2052.

Bud Morries said...

Oooohhhh, I'd LOVE to see Matt and Sergei in bed! That would be hot as hell!!!! I agree, it's time for Nick and Dave to FINALLY get married. But I can't get that Matt and Sergei coupling out of my head now. I'd love to see them in bed together as I think that Matt is better for Sergei than Jake. I'm sorry but Jake's character is just dull to me.


MelliePh said...

This is very sweet, even if I do think that Sergei needs to slow down.

Sean Martin said...

@ Whiskers:

Dude, it's a comic strip. It's fantasy. It's a romantic fantasy straight out of a rom com, so just relax and enjoy it. This isnt real life by any stretch, 'cause if it were, with everyone looking like they each have their own personal trainers 24/7, I'd be moving to Long Island.

Bud Morries said...

Sean Martin:

I think that Whiskers has valid points. Too often we see people who think that they are in love make rash decisions and throw their lives away on a fling. I am curious as to why Jake did not tell him no though and we start to see the desperateness of Jake. To be honest, I hope he leaves and never comes back. We see so many gay relationships end before they begin because of this. It's the same thing that with straight people but Whiskers makes some astute observations even if this is only a comic strip. His observations are the best part of the readers' section because they are so different from everyone else's. However, I would like to see Matt with Sergei or back with Jeff Olsen (The hottest HIV positive guy ever). That would be hot.


Scott Lewis Jr. said...

Yup i did miss this one somehow, but im all caught up...

Im not too sure about the timing, but this is a drama strip so yeah... Hope it was not a mistake and dont keep them away too long.