Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Episode # 486 - March 27th, 2018

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Unknown said...

That's so sweet! I never think of Richard and Lance as having a very strong friendship, but it's lovely how supportive Lance is being of Richard's feelings.

Also, is Drew wearing leggings? He certainly is showing off the goods! :)

-- Thom H.

Anonymous said...

ACK! not only we get a EARLY B&B posting, we get Drew in revealing muscular
(& 'muscle') tights!! CALM down, BOY, calm DOWN!! ha-HAA!! : )

FIRST - nice to see Richard & Lance have a sit down about their previous 'ways' and seeing the growth in each other...I was always a wee bit bothered that they weren't able to have much character growth, but this shows a change.

And although it may be heartwrenching, when Kristian leaves, and see Rich's response, may show a more dimensional Rich, that could open up to more serious storylines.....maybe a serious romance?! time will tell....

....and, I may need a little 'time' after seeing Drew in those skating tights in Panel 9....dear GOD, we need more Men like Drew in these times; not afraid of ANY kind of judgment....'cause he know he GOT IT!! :^)

....off to...um, do some research.....I AM at work, ya know! ha-HAAA!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Greg, I am so bummed...I found out Friday eve about the Saturday Comic con appearance, after I agreed to look at My Bosses' new Warehouse digs in Long Island that afternoon! : (

I couldn't go day 2 also; just paid the rent, and I'm cleaned out!!

...I SO wanted to give (and show) my support to you; I TRULY have been a fan of your work (remember the 'Elvis Presley Experience' comic book artwork you did in 1993? told ya!....lol) and, I am PROUD to support your Art and Books, from one PROUD Gay Man to another...

Hope it was a success, and when Amazon gets those books, My copy is as good as ORDERED! : ) PS... saw the cover artwork for the Book; WHEN did Richard turn into the Incredible Hulk!? His breasts are bigger than Brad's!

(...Brad's are more 'tit-a-lated' though....ha-HAA!!) ;^ )

chow, bubby...love YA!

Greg Fox said...

RBS7079, sorry I didn't get the chance to meet you in person at the Queer Comic Fair... it went really well, btw! And don't worry... we shall meet at some point! Thank you so much for being a long-time fan, (wow, the Elvis Presley experience... that takes me back!). Thanks for your kind words! --Greg