Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Episode # 491 - June 5th, 2018

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RBS7079 said...

...."I don't mean to criticize you Brad, but I think you might be a little homophobic..."

....and Jaime's sayin' that, when Brad saves him from a crackhouse with 'Popular' guys hangin' round front, and with Brad's nips a- jinglin' in the wind, & his jock-a-straps hangin' out, from shorty-shorts from 1988?!

....of ALL THE NERVE!! ...well, Jaime's gotta tight lil' ass
(Panel One), so, all's forgiven!! ha-HAAAA!! >; )

...SO, had a feeling Jaim-Jaim would be fine with Brad's cohabitation situation; we tend to forget that certain religion(s) has(had?) to 'update' certain thinking of others' 'ways' to be as 'Fundamentalistical' as Brad (clumsily) thought...so, kudos to YOU, Jaim!! : )

...and, Muy GRANDE kudos to Jaime's hairy legs & kicky Nikes
(Panel 6), shaggy brown mop of hair (Panel 3), and oh-so- delic-ioso derriere (Panels 1 &2)!!!

Brad may be bangin' in the back, too (Panel 7) but, Jaim-Jaim is VERY 'Touchalistical' (..damn, Brad, did we go to the same school?!)

ha-HAAA!! : ^


Douglas Knapp said...


Sean Martin said...

I think someone needs to get this boy some glasses, because if he cant see that guy is gay, then he could be danger on the roads...

Yren Czenoxyga said...

You guys! I have no idea what he means by being a fundamentalist.
I was raised initially Catholic, then Baptist, then non-denominational...
Is fundamentalist like those inclusive churches that welcome LGBTQIA people?

Gawd, Brad! Your such a Debby downer. Lol
I guess my assumption of a naive uneducated Jaime was wrong. But how comfortable will bread be, now. I wonder if he'll get jealous if Jaime gets all the housemates attention.

Would Price try and get in bed with straight man?
Will the other tenants out Brad?

BeShoo said...

@Yren, fundamentalist Christians follow the Bible very strictly and very literally, word for word. There is no need for interpretation or figuring out general principals if it doesn't follow the exact wording. Some believe that there can be no errors in the Bible. They are very traditional and they don't tend to welcome LGBTQIA people because that group has not traditionally been very welcome in many Christian churches.

Mark said...

It sure was lucky that Brad ran into the one evangelical Christian on Earth who doesn't have a problem with gay people. Maybe he'd even be willing to bake Nick and Dave a cake!

MelliePh said...

I love the last two panels. There is some truth here about Brad's issues.

Unknown said...

@MelliePh: Yes, it's about time someone said it to his face. The internalized homophobia is strong in this one.

-- Thom H.

Ian-Vilisoni Palu said...

So timely for Pride Season��️‍��

ethan2chris said...

Jaime hasn't really said that he's straight, has he? He's sort of speaking objectively rather than personally. Brad himself is speaking in the same way--we know he's gay, but he hasn't said as much to Jaime.

Maybe Jaime is doing the same thing with Brad. They hardly know each other, and they're both young enough not to have all the moves down in terms of how they address the issue of gay with people they don't know well. And Jaime is furthermore of religious background, which can complicate the matter.

It's possible that this will be the tale of two gay men slowly "discovering" each other in the tribal sense. But it's also possible that it won't be. So far, it's very open-ended and could go in any number of directions.

Luca said...

I can see why Jaime got that impression

RBS7079 said...

@ethan2chris - had to write you, and to say Thanks for the introspective posting; it made see more into Jaime & Brad 'finding' each other out...I wish I saw it that way first, but gimme a great pair of legs, and I go all googly-eyed! ha-HAAA! : )

Also, I was wondering about Brad's 'internalized' homophobia, as someone else posted; wouldn't it be a KICK if, say, Jaime get drafted for the Big Leagues, BEFORE Brad, and leaves Brad behind? Brad would HAY-WIRE, and would possibly blame it his being gay!!

Or, Jaim-Jaim would think his faith in his religion brought him the success, and accuse Brad of not being 'honest' with himself; I would love to see if Kyle, Rich, or even Drew would challenge Brad about his supposed views about his sexuality...

Greg, you'd better get that next strip out soon, I wanna see where this is going...and, get Jaim-Jaim outta his clothes, too.. I may not be devoutly religious anymore, but I'm still devoutly into looking at hot, tight, shaggy-haired guys! ha-HAAA!!