Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Episode # 498 - September 12th, 2018

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Douglas Knapp said...


RBS7079 said...

......'sweet' CHEEKS is more like it, eh, Dougie?! ha-HAAAA! > ; )

Well, Price is apparently beginning to feel some type of way over the Jaime / Brad friendship, and his inner 'evil' is seeping out; so much so, he's starting to look like The Incredible Hulk, here, GRRRRR....ha-HAA!

BUTT, I do agree with Jaime thinking that Brad needs to come to terms with his Sports career and his sexuality; Jeff Olsen had to make a decision, and found his true calling...can Brad?

...he's made far too many excuses; maybe he just needs to say goodbye to Baseball, and....say 'Hello' to HIMSELF.

...then again, IF he's off the team, he won't have Jaim-Jaim around, sweaty and half naked, holding him down, with his hands around Brad's ankles...

....hmmmm, Price betta stay watching them upon that balcony....with his delectable booty showing, all round n' juicy.....alright, this weeks' posting's got me distracted, BYE, all...ha-HAAA! >: {


Anthony MIzzi said...

Has anyone else noticed this was episode #498? Only two more and it will be #500! Anyone wondering what big surprise may be in store? Based on the current storyline, maybe Brad will finally come out?

Yren Czenoxyga said...

Has Richard even confessed his feelings openly to Brad?
You would think that someone who feels so entitled to everything would have more tact with expressing his displeasure/other emotions on anything quite openly.
I have to imagine an Alanis Morissette song playing at this scene. Uninvited? Ironic?
Oh! Taylor Swift's Blank Space! That sounds appropriate for Richard.

Unknown said...

Price thinking that he can control who Brad is with is scary. I hope someone tells him that that is not love.

Unknown said...

Love the panel of Price at the banister from behind. Powerful and intimidating.

I wonder what's going to happen first: Brad comes out, realizes he's being a stick in the mud, and starts returning Price's interest in him? Or Price goes overboard and confronts Brad about his friendship with Jaime, ruining his chances with Brad forever?

Have patience, Price! Brad is coming around, just incredibly slowly!

-- Thom H.

RBS7079 said...

Hola, I'm back, all; having a lil' tipsy 'Red Wine Wednesday' and thought I'd add a coupla' more "cents" in the comments, so, forgive...

@AnthonyMizzi - YES, I noticed the 500th episode coming up, and, I also noticed that "Kyle's B&B" 20th ANNIVERSARY (!) is arriving in November, so, I'm hoping for a big announcement from Greg, or one of the characters...Brad coming out to his team could be the ticket!!
: )

@unknown - Yes, I too, agree that Price's possessiveness over Brad CAN take a dangerous turn, especially being 'the villain', but Brad's a Big Boy, and his coming out could sort his head with WHO he wants to be, and be WITH...

AND, this can be a wake-up call for Price, to decide if HE wants to change a be a better friend to Brad, or, live a lonely life, throwing haughty talk around, and acting better than, when he's really NOT...only YOU can make the call, Price...

@Yren - hey, missed ya, Yren-Yren; I'm going to assume you meant Price, and not Richard, and I agree with what you said, about discussing his feelings with Brad; but, cats like Price just REACT, and this will hopefully help Price approach this logically...but, it's a comic strip, so, let the DRAMA BEGIN!! ha-HAAA!

....and, also, nice to finally see some Jaime flesh; the matching short-shorts / jockstrap looks Jaim n' Brad are sportin' clearly shows they're two peas in a pod!

or, is Brad 'converting' Jaim over to.....EXHIBITIONISM?
...s'all good to me; just gimme some Jaime Booty! ha-HAAA! >:p


magickmagus said...

Hmmm. Has anyone noticed Jaime likes to exercise nearly naked like Brad? Either he likes going around like that or he hates doing laundry.


RBS7079 said...

@ magickmagus:

...Jaim's probably scared s*itless to do laundry, since Lance offered to 'squeeze loads' in his direction, when he had that VERY ample rump of his propped up his way! GRRRROWL! He probably feels he has to be by Brad's side at ALL times!( the by, where are those white spandex shorts Jaim wore, showing that ample backside?) :(

...he clearly looks up to Brad; maybe he's just emulating Brad's 'body freedom''...s'all good to ME! >SLURP< ...ha-HAAA!! >:)