Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Matthew Shepard: A 20 Year Legacy - Special Episode

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RBS7079 said...

....and, THIS is why I read "Kyle's B&B" religiously; informative. educational. thoughtful. respectful. Lovely.

Matthew's death was horrific in nature, and should not be forgotten by ANY stretch of the imagination, but, I am proud for his Mother, Judy, that SO much has come out of it. There was a shift in the way Gays have been treated, and (from 1998); there has been far less tolerance for any kinds of hate crimes, especially among Gays.

Even since 1998, there is a LONG way to go (..there was that attack on club music personality Kevin Aviance in 2006), but, I feel that significant strides WERE, made due in part to Matthew's legacy.

..and, I hope it stays on that course. Love you always, Matth. :_(

...OK, now back to the strip; SER-GAAAAAY!! : )

SO glad to see the 'Bear Boys' in this RARE re-appearance... I truly want them back in the B&B! They look healthy, happy, and THICK...especially Sergei's backside in panel 8! ....mmmm, ruff Russian!! ha-HAA!!

...onward to episode #500; my forthcoming posting may be longer than usual, all, so start cussing me out NOW! ha-HAAA!! can't WAIT Greg, Congrads, you've EARNED it, bubbie! : )


Unknown said...

Unfortunately, hate crimes have increased over the last few years. Crimes against people based on their race and religion, especially targeting Muslim people, are growing. I think that the change that we have to hope for is that these crimes are treated seriously, and that white or gay panic defenses become non existent.

Unknown said...

Thank you. 😢💔

Mark said...

Thank you, Greg. That was a lovely tribute.

Unknown said...

Started crying all over again. Brings back painful memories.
Thanks for the focus in your comic though. We can never forget!!

Unknown said...

Wow -- this strip strikes the perfect tone of respect and muted optimism. Very nicely done, and a great tribute. It's a treat to see Jake and Sergei, too. Hopefully we'll learn more about their new life together in the near future.

Thanks, Greg!

-- Thom H.

WranglerMan said...

Thank you.

CQA said...

It's a very serious mistake to treat "people" as one single mind, heart, or whatever you may want to call it: hate is the dark side of "diversity" in societies, and the maximum to which you can aspire is to keep haters at bay, but NEVER "change" them.
The GENERAL TONE, the MAINSTREAM is never a WHOLE society, for good AND for bad and, in order to truly achieve a solid refuge for certain values, we must get rid for that old, optimistic illusion of a progress of enlightenment that will eventually definitively impose itself because, just like you will never get rid of disease, decay and natural catastrophes, you will NEVER get rid of social evil: even if it is only because evil people think YOU are the evil one...


Jack said...

There is no doubt that the untimely death of Matt Shephard, an HIV positive gay man who was involved with one of his murderers and being killed in a brutal manner was indeed tragic. However, how can you ignore the equally heinous murder of JR Warren (African American gay man) and Gwen Araujo ( A Latina transgender)? Where is the outpouring for these individuals? Where was the gay community then? Your strip contains a lack of true ethnic representation and it is for this reason that idioms such a gay racism exist


Rip said...

In my country (Brazil), there's the risk of a homophobic man called Jair Bolsonaro (and that remains sympathetic with the arbitrariness of the army in the brazilian military dictathorship) to be elected the new president. But however he said that "I would prefer that, if one of my sons turned to be a gay man, he was dead. Because to me, he's already dead", they're not few gay men that will vote for him.

YC said...

I'm sorry, but James butt Morrie's comment just ruins the tone of the comment section. I'm reading everyone's thoughts and reflections on Matthew Shepard's death, the actions that followed and the things that have changed.
I would have thought some people would have the decency and use this time for reflection on their own experiences, me personally, was too young to even know my sexuality at that time, let alone know why it was important.
Honestly, if you have to complain that there's a lack of diversity on a bleeping comic about one specific person who died this month, you are garbage. You can pat yourself on the back all you want by parroting your delusions online, but at the end of the day, you're just as useless as the Westboro church that presume your God's will and judgement.

YC said...

Oops! I spelled his name wrong... It was supposed to say "Bud"

In any case, we are remembering the life of Matthew Shepard. A gay man. May his memory live in the minds of future generations, and to know the struggles that we are enduring in these wicked times.

Jack said...
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Bandana Jack said...

mr. morries,
while it is debatable whether your first comment altered the reflective nature of the comment section of a comic strip, that's right, a comic strip that took the time to reflect on a murder so brutal and with such echoes of a long ago crucifixion that even the most hardened hearts were shocked and revulsed and that captured the attention of a notoriously frivolous media that blanketed the news sourcea nationally and internationally. was the fact that he was an upper class white male a factor. probably so, but his size (barely 100 lbs soaking wet) and the callous cruelty, which those of us in the community know as symptomatic of hate crimes, but were not understood by the public at large, were just as much contributing factors to matthew's virtual canonization. neither he nor the readers of this strip are responsible for the public as a whole virtually ignoring the international problem that is the recurring slaughter of transwomen of color.

you COULD have come in here and acknowledged matthew's death, and the work the sheppards have done for the past 20 years,and THEN reminded people of ignored deaths of so many, and done so without calling those not in sync with you garbage as well as taking a parting shot at the LGBTQI as a whole when you left.

because of this, i, we, are left conclude you are one of the many foreign agents posing as citizens whose job it is to sow discord... so get the hence.

i encourage other posters not to take the bait and engage with this comment any further.

for the record, there have been many equally heinous murders of gay men of all sizes, ages, and colors who have met their ends before matthew. the one that got under my skin many years ago was that of charlie howard who was taunted to his death falling or being pushed off a bridge into the icy waters below by a mob of teens. say a prayer for him and the countless unknowns of our

Jack said...
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Unknown said...

Since Greg has given me moderator privileges on this page, I rarely have to use them. Until someone shows up and begins his trolling. The troll makes some valid points, but as usual surrounds it with nonsensical, raging, purposely incendiary comments. No thanks. You lost this forum a long time ago. Goodbye.