Wednesday, December 12, 2018

VOTE NOW for the Kyle's B&B MAN of the YEAR for 2018 !!!

It's that time of the year again! Time to pick the guy who you think was the star player in the story-
lines of Kyle's B&B this year! Keep in mind, this shouldn't necessarily be about voting for your
favorite character, (although you can, if you
want to). Ideally, this poll should be about
voting for the character who really had a groundbreaking year in the B&B stories.

Voting ends on Sunday, December 30 at 6:00 pm EST. Winner will be announced & the crowning
ceremony will commence an hour later, at 7:00 pm EST. You can only vote once, so think carefully
about your vote!

To cast your vote, scroll down and you'll see the poll options. Pick your guy and vote! 
(Please note.... if you don't see your vote tallied after you place your vote, don't worry.... you just need to refresh your browser's page after your vote has been placed to see it reflected in the totals). PS.... in years past, for some viewers the poll did not show up on their screen. It seems to not show up on some mobile  devices. If you can get to a desktop or laptop, that may work for you. And if you don't have access to either of those devices, you can e-mail me your vote privately and I will add it to the totals). Email me at 

Who is your pick for the Kyle's B&B Man of the Year for 2018?



RBS7079 said...

...Um, Jaime Fairbain, not only brought up the topics of Gays / Evangelicalism, acceptance of Gays in Sports, & Bi-curiosity (with the shocker plot twist of admitting he's falling for Brad), he helped Brad accept his own sexuality, and come out to his team after a 20 YEAR hiding, that even the OPENLY Gay Men at the B&B, couldn't do.

...that, and he has great, shaggy hair and an INCREDDDDDIBLE ASS, so no need to 'preach' to ME!! ha-HAAAA!! >; )

..While he was far and AWAY the 'star' in 2018, let's see why the others are more fair to middling, to non-existent...

Brad (his coming out WAS special, but 'meh',for earlier this year)
Drew (no storyline, but taking Rudy to the convention was sweet)
Price (..EVER the Diva, but was AWOL most of the summer, and MISSED)
Sergei (..not a FAN favorite, but THIS fan, MISSES him MUCH!)
Richard (said Goodbye to Kristian, but was VERY quiet this year..)

Kyle (always the homekeeper, NEVER the main storyline (anymore)..)
Jake (he's got Sergei, but Serg's got PRESENCE; sadly, Jake, no...)
Lance (last years' BIG loser (NO votes!!), and sadly, NO storyline..)
Kristian (..went off to War, and we haven't missed him...hmmm...)

Breyer (spent ALL year growing a mustache, and we AIN'T seen it!)
Dave (...poor Dave, no ring, no storyline, no votes, tsk tsk..)
Nick (proposes,then, NOTHING. he's not lookin' good these days..)
Rudy (LOTS of potential, then Brad / Drew / Jaime walks in, and..)
Eduardo (even MORE potential, but maybe in 2019..!?)
Jeremy (..all he does is opens and closes the front door!) >:(

...BUT, I hope I'm not swayin' you kids; I've been an avid fan of The B&B forever, and I'd love to hear why you love fill-in-the-blank, but REMEMBER, it can't be because, 'he's cute' or, 'he's nice'; take the STORYLINE to heart, and MAYBE, we'll get some WHIZ-BANG storylines next year!

...and, more of Price & Jaime's rumps, Greg, it's been awhile since I 'banged' and 'whizzed', I just want to make sure I'm still ALIVE!!!

...Vote wisely, and CHOW! ; )

Troy said...

Well, it would be Kyle of course, since without him no one would even have a place to live and the house would be just a private residence.