Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Episode # 509 - February 26th, 2019

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RBS7079 said...

MEOW-MEOW!! Lance and Price ALWAYS serve up a great Gay catfight, ha-HAAA!!

WELL, as expected, Lance was the one who overheard Rich and Prices' convo; I would've thought Lance would keep it private for a more 'hard hitting' reason, to keep Price in line if need be, but now Brad knows and it may be detrimental to the desired romantic relationship with Brad....

...which we ALL know is never gonna happen. Price seems to never stop his picking n' sticking, antagonizing everyone to get his way, and that can't be a good thing for the newly-minted 'Out' Brad; he needs a more caring, nurturing individual, like Jaime (IF he is gay, himself, which remains to be seen....)

BUTT, Price is ALWAYS good at the queen-y quips; 'have a care', is now added to my vocabulary, and, MANNNN, he looks scrumptious in those tight, black little short-shorts with the white stripes... GRRRRR! Hot,muscular hairy legs and short-shorts really bring out.....excuse me all, I have to 'have a care'.....TOODLES, ha-HAAA!! >: p

Mark said...

I'll be interesting to see how Price tries to manage this. He'll most likely try to deny any involvement, which seems unlikely to go down well (Brad is gullible, but he's not THAT gullible). On the other hand, the truth isn't likely to go down much better. "I love you, and I was afraid you were developing feelings for someone else, so I had them sent away." Doesn't sound very forgiveness-worthy.

Also, I wonder how Jamie will feel learning he didn't earn a spot on his own merits? It's unlikely this works out well for anyone, except, possibly, Brad, if Price undoes his scheming and Jamie ends up back at the B&B. Price really fucked himself good this time!

Unknown said...

As much as I think Brad and Price would be good for each other in some ways, I have to admit that Price may be too self-centered to be in any healthy relationship. Even by the standards of this strip, in which characters are routinely rude to one another (which I love for the sake of drama), Price is way over the line here (if he actually manipulated Jamie into leaving).

Also, if you're going to poke the bear, Price, you better be ready to get bit.

Of course, Brad is still a little naive -- "You're responsible for Jamie goin' away?!" sounds like something an 8 year old would say, and is perfect for Brad's character -- so going out with Price would probably be like jumping straight into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim.

Poor Brad and Price -- they both just want to be loved, and it seems so difficult for both of them.

-- Thom H.

RBS7079 said...

..Hey Thom, I love your assessment of Brad & Price's inability to have healthy gay relationships, whether with each other or separately; It actually does come off as sad, especially, for such beautiful, damaged Men...

Price has a self-centered, yet self-sabatogical(..is that a word?) demeanor; ..remember, he also tried to frame Kristian for dealing drugs, and called the cops to bust him! even Richard didn't want ties with his wrongdoings!

Brad's 'dumb jock' naivete always irked me to a degree, but here, he's probably just dumbfounded; I believe he still didn't tell anyone Jaime started having feelings for him after he came out, so, THAT would make me throw Price into a PIT! >: (

..butt, Price has a great ASS, so, I forgive him! ...he KNOWS it too; dig the shirt in Panel 2! ...ah, I is so SHALLOW, ha-HAA!!

CHOW-CHOW!! (I didn't add my previous 'chow', so here it is!) ;)

Ridor said...

Damn you, Greg. Now I have to wait another 14 days for this.


Karmakat said...

MEOW MIX, anyone?

Luca said...

and since when Lance doesn't have bespoke suits??

Bud Morries said...

Ok...look...when is Price going to get some comeuppance? I mean we have seen him do all sorts of evil things and all is forgiven simply because to some people he looks good in a pair of shorts. Lance is right to expose him. I mean come on...It would be nice if Price's father found out he was gay and then cut him off financially or something. Just do something different because his character is like Brad's...redundant and reductive...


RBS7079 said...


...you said it, kid, MIAOW!MIAOW! ha-haaa!

...makes me long for the days when Lance & Price was scappin' with cakes! (...ya gotta buy the books to see what I'm talkin' 'bout!) HA!


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