Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Episode # 587 - March 8th, 2022

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Joule said...

Finally about time Darren admitted he has feelings for Eduardo and acted on, them not that this comes as some surprise. It's just the beginning but they would be great for one another, Eduardo will bring Darren out of his shell and Darren will provide Eduardo the stability he's wanted in a relationship, plus the fact they make one sexy ass couple.

Applause goes to Greg for how he handled Darren non-coming out coming out. Over the course of Darren's time at the B&B people have been asking "Is he or isn't he gay?", the cool thing is Darren never said he was or wasn't (technically he still hasn't) for all we know Darren could be pansexual. Either way I love how Greg handled it, no big coming out scene or announcement just him not making a big deal about the kiss from Brad then him admitting there's something between him & Eduardo, and him admitting to Eduardo that it was him he wanted to kiss.

RBS7079 said...


...'tis True, about Darren revealing his sexuality quietly, but.....I come from the Older generation of having a sexual compatibility in RELATION to One's friendship basis with another Man, and..REGARDLESS of ethnicity, I still don't 'get' any HEAT from these Boys!

...their whole, "..I know YOU want to, but, I maybe, you know, know that maybe I want to, TOO..." exchange came off too 'Teenage Girl" to me, and although they seem to have a more insular bond than most of the B&B'ers, I 'see' Darren with Brad more, honestly....

..and NOW, with Greg reverting back to Ed's old 'styling', I see it clearer than EVER; not knockin' your opinion, but I like a lil' "tingle" in my characters, and I think Darren & Brad could wreck some SERIOUS mattresses, together....

..unless, one O' them wets up the others' Comic Book(s), there'll be HELL to PAY! ...ha-HAAA!!


Patrick in Dallas said...

RBS ... I always love your input. You have such a "unique" way of putting things :D :D.

I am glad to see this episode, but the entire first part came off as very stalkerish on Ed's part.

I am with you though, these 2 could definitely wear out a lot of the bnb's mattress supplies. ;D

RBS7079 said...

@Patrick in Dallas:

"..I always love your input, You have such a "unique" way, of putting things.." ...YEAH, it's called INSANITY! "ðŸĪŠ"...ha-HAAA!!

...but, seriously... Thanks, Bubby...It's a fun Comic strip for Gay MEN, and, it's got a sweetness to it...a BIT sweet, but, adorable...

...I STILL would like some sexy tension to happen ONCE in awhile, with all those juicy BUTTS wigglin' around...I have to live vicariously, these Days ya know..even if it's FICTION! ...ha-HAAA!!

Patrick in Dallas said...

I have thought Greg could put an adult version up behind a pay wall. I'm sure a lot would subscribe to see the juicy bits :D

Joule said...

Sometimes I think I'm reading a totally different comic than everyone else....


Darren & Brad have "NO CHEMISTRY WHAT SO EVER!!!" The chemistry between Darren & Eduardo was so obvious from day one, if Darren wasn't feeling Eduardo then why would he go all the way back to the B&B just to deliver a paint brush then show up again out of the blue when Eduardo wasn't even home, to meet Delia, no I don't think so. Brad & Darren together sexually would be like watching 2 bottoms fighting over who's going to use the dildo first, sexually I think Darren is vers and Brad is bottom. If you want sexual tension then Greg should have Lance & Price hook up once and for all, I can see Lance tearing that ass while Price begs him to smash his hole lol, just think about what would Drew do if he found out.

RBS7079 said...


"...Greg should have Lance & Price hook up once and for all, I can see Lance tearing that ass, while Price begs him to smash his hole..."

....NOW, ya TALKIN'!!! "😜" ...ha-HAAA!! But, Au Contraire , Mon Frere...

I personally think Darren CAN be vers, but he knows how to swing his 'nightstick' TOO well, NOT to be.. ***THE TOP DOG*** , so to speak....If anything, Darr would BLUDGEON Price's rump...THAT, I can see!! ...ha-HAAA!! ((🍑)) "ðŸ”Ļ"

..Brad very much is a 'bottom Boy' but with the right,PATIENT Lad, he could learn the, 'tool O' the trade' of versatility...THAT'S where Darren comes in! ...They would be 'matched' better....

Ed is TOO 'experienced', and will scare low-key Darren in the sheets...I don't undermine your opinion of them...as FRIENDS...but, as Partners (from a sexual perspective) it's like Pornstar Devin Franco dating Malcolm Jamal Warner...it can HAPPEN, but there's a bit of an imbalance, there.... 🔀⁉️

...But, this HAS bee fun for me, seeing the differences of opinions as to WHO will bed Sir Darren 'round here.... MAAAAN, when I saw Darr in those skimpy, tight Jogging tights (with "Bottle Bottom"), all I saw was a....ummm... 'commanding presence'.... ((ðŸĶī))😋

...hmmm, maybe I AM reading a different Comic, than you! "ðŸĪ“" ...ha-HAAAA!!


Jack said...

Yes, Darren has finally acted on his feelings for Ed. This is really not a surprise. There are some advantages and disadvantages. (1) Darren can help stabilize Ed and Ed desperately needs this! Ed can cause Darren to loosen up more. (2) Darren can stress the importance of hard work while Ed can introduce Darren to more style. I agree: some kudos are in order to Greg for not turning Darren into a stereotypical queen. He has a legit career and that's refreshing to see. Yes, physically they will look great together.

However, I like the fact that Darren is more low-key. He's proof that you can be gay and proud and still keep to yourself if you want to. I like that he tactfully turned down Brad because he really wanted Ed. To me, he's the strongest and more stable person in this strip thus far. However, I didn't like Ed's snippy attitude at all and sooner or later Darren will check him. I'm sorry but I did not see any attraction between Darren and Brad at all. Just like I don't see any attraction between Brad and Price or Price and Richard. I'm still on the fence with Darren and Ed but I say this: IT'S ABOUT TIME THAT THERE IS A POC GAY COUPLE IN THIS STRIP. Now maybe people here can stop insulating that I'm being bigoted for even mentioning that this needs to be shown. Maybe now someone named Wildcat will stop trying to erase my posts. Now: will be see them in the sheets....? Will we see them kiss....? Relationship or hook up...? We shall see.....



Joule said...


I think you're, As we like to say "SLEEPING" on Darren because he's a quiet guy, just like he didn't go around telling everyone he's gay he doesn't need to brag about his sexual prowess, could he be vers possibly with someone he really trust or is in a meaningful relationship with. I had to goggle Devin Franco and honestly I don't see Darren being into fisting. As for Brad as long as the dude is masculine and athletic Brad will be attracted to him witch is why I can see him being attracted to Darren.


The same wiseass banter Eduardo is giving Darren in this episode is the same wiseass banter he's been giving Darren since they met, reread episodes 529/531/545. Now that your eyes are somewhat open to a Darren & Eduardo relationship you'll see they're good for one another.

JM said...


The whiny jealous bit is a bad look -- I've seen grade schoolers with more emotional maturity.

M.B. said...

exactly that's why i didn't really didn't care for him and Darren to get together because he just seems too immature, jealous, and whinny.
we will see how this goes. Also, him wanting to be a wiseass isn't a good look either. Is he still in college or what? Should be interesting to see where this goes.

Jack said...


I'll believe it when I see them kissing and being affectionate (bed, etc) long has this strip been devoid of this. In fact, the only time that I saw this was when Ed was in bed with Lance a looooooonnnnnnnnnggggggg time ago. But that wasn't a loving situation. That being said: I would rather not see Lance and Price hook up, it's too obvious and Lance/Drew have been together for a looooooonnnnngggg time. I'd like to see them go to the next level of their relationship.

Now for some "fun" BOTTOMS: Drew, Brad, Price, Ed, Rudy, Breyer (for obvious reasons! LOL)
TOP: Darren/Kristian
VERS/BOTTOM: Kyle/Jeff Olsen