Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Episode # 591 - May 3rd, 2022

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RBS7079 said...

...Well, I WAS gonna comment at how LOOONG it took for Delia & Lisa to meet each other (with the expected, intended at-tit-tude), but I had to grab a magnifying Glass to check out the bulges.. -I mean - ..COSTUMES, on the Guys!! ...HA-HAAA!!

...Maaaaan, do I love a good Man THIGH in spandex, and these 'Heroes' are givin' it to me...the HOTTEST Superhero costumes (to Me), in ORDER:

Drew (...by a f-kin' LANDSLIDE!)
Eduardo (kink-eeeeee....I'd bang him, with that ON..)
Darren (....Ebony Men in yellow, mmmm-mmmm-GOOD!)
Brad (...THE 'Disco '76' hair throws me, but it's a hot suit...)
Mannis (....although he shoulda switched costumes with Brad...)
Price (...the ORIGINAL Cosmic Boy gear woulda had him, at #2!)
Lance (...not wild about that white paneling, but the Orange hair, is HOT!)
Richard (...he looks like a hot cyclist! ..dig the wild hair, too...)
Kyle (that headband makes him look like Linsdey Buckingham, ha-HAAA!)
Nick & Dave (...although Dave's hot buzz-cut gives him an edge...)

...I'm not adding the Girls, they're too busy checkin' each other out....Greg needs to draw these Guys individually, I'd PAY to have a Hot shot of Drew in that outfit, Greg put the most 'detail', into THAT one! ..NO COMPLAINTS!

...ha-HAAA, CHOW!

davidblack60@gmail.com said...

Hi Greg -
well Price does look handsome in the outfit. the group on the whole is a nice representation of the Legion.
I hope you draw the interaction at the hosp with the kids. of course, my favorite Legion member was Star Boy, with that great looking beard. Am glad you assigned him to Drew.

look forward to the next issue
david black
(Long live the Legion!)

Unknown said...

I always love to see the characters doing Legion cosplay.

Price looks like he needs to tuck just a little before he hangs out with kids, but I suppose he doesn't care.

I notice that Darren and Eduardo don't have a lot to say to each other this episode. Maybe we'll get some follow up on their date next time.

Nice to see women in the cast interacting with each other. Or noticing each other, anyway.

Where's Rudy? Did he move away? He would make a good Polar Boy with his white hair.

-- Thom H.

jjt said...

Absolutely love the last panel with the Legionnaires spread out and walking in a line. Very nice representations, Greg. You got all my favorite uniform versions. LLL!

Mark said...

Okay, I'll ask...who is Richard dressed as?

Behrmark said...

LONG LIVE THE LEGION! So happy to see this, Greg! As I've mentioned on IG, Cosmic Boy is my favorite Legionnaire (followed by Bouncing Boy). They all look spectacular. Any chance that you'll continue with Work That Flight Ring?

Keep up the fantastic work Greg!

Nightwingcowboy said...

OMG! You don’t know how much this issue has lifted my spirits! It’s been been a struggle having to work & care for my dad & aunt who are ill, though they are slowly getting better. I’ve been so tired, stressed & depressed but you have to carry on, taking care of those who took care of you. Seeing the Legion (my favorite comic) was so cathartic for me. I’ve been crying for the last 10 minutes & started again writing this. They are happy tear’s, thank you Greg! Your work has lifted my spirits! That’s Richard as Fire Lad from the Substitute Legion, correct? Thanks so much for such a wonderful surprise & gift!

jjt said...

Mark, I think he is Fire Lad, from the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

Drewcifer said...

Yass Drew, we love you now sit on my face