Friday, December 30, 2022

Kyle's B&B Person of the Year for 2022 - Darren Wright!!!


The votes are in, and it is official! Darren has won the crown in a decisive victory! 👑

This is Darren's first win, (he placed 3rd last year, and 7th in the year prior. So, it would
appear that his popularity has increased with each year he's been at the B&B!). It certainly
helped that he had some major storylines this year... starting out 2022 with a bit of a
dating mish-mash. First, an ill-timed outing with Brad... and then a not very happy time
with Eduardo at Spartacus

But things turned around in the summer, as Eduardo and he drew closer, and had a wonderful
and very memorable date on Fire Island. There was also a cosplay trip to the hospital to visit
some sick children that Darren was a key player in, (and which gave him an opportunity to dress
up as Invisible Kid 2!). Darren also was there with Rudy when the idea of Rudy's kilt shop
enterprise was first sprung! And finally, after quite a build-up, Darren & Eduardo spent their
first night together, in a rather scorching episode folks are still talking about!

Here are a few highlight panels from Darren's life in 2022:
In looking at the numbers for the other candidates, the big surprising news is that there was a literal tie
for 2nd place!!! Both Mannis (winner for the previous 3 years), and newcomer Levi had an equal
number of votes.  I know that it was stated that in the unlikely event there was a tie for 1st place, the
winner would be decided in a run-off election by the Kyle's B&B Patreon Supporters. So, perhaps 
we'll have a run-off election on the Patreon page for the 2nd place winner! (Speaking of that, Mannis
may have an advantage in that election... as he went full-frontal several times this past year on the
Patreon page. And if that sounds like a heckuva' plug for you to become a supporter on the Patreon
page, well... it was! And here's a link to check it out:  Kyle's B&B on Patreon).

Other candidates who had a respectable showing were Rudy, Price, Kyle and Eduardo. In a bit of a
surprise, former winners Drew & Brad only placed in a middling 8th and 9th place. (To be fair, Drew
only showed up in 5 episodes this year... and had speaking roles in only 3 of those). Brad was around a
bit more... often in his briefs... but that didn't translate into much voter support for him this time. 

A special sad trombone award 📯 goes to our last place winner, Lisa. Considering that she had hardly
any screen time in the strip this year, it's understandable. Perhaps if things between Delia and her heat
up in 2023, she'll fare better in the next election. Stay tuned!!!

Below are the final numbers for everyone. And if you'd like to see the "Hall of Fame" of previous
 winners of the crown, you can click here to visit the Kyle's B&B Person of the Year Hall of Fame!!!
As I always say... if your favorite guy or gal didn't win... start campaigning now for them! There's
always next year!!!  👑 I'm wishing you a very Happy New Year, and looking forward to bringing
you more adventures of the B&B crew in 2023! Thank you for being a part of it!!!



RBS7079 said...

....well, I've been keeping up with the tallies, and I have some comments...AND, some plotlines that can shake up, wake up...and BAKE up...the B&B, if Sir Greg doesn't 3 parts...(PART 1):

LANCE: ...Lance should get the sad trombone, He literally had NO VOTES, until this past Wednesday! ...Out of the blue, he got 2 votes, so I'd say HE was dead last....a story-line with a breakup w/ Drew (or making it official with him), can change his personality depletion...

LISA: ..She was only seen in 2 Eps, and had 1 main one (her debut, raggin' on Darren), but if she gets with Delia, we'll see how her popularity works out..

KRISTIAN: ...He hasn't been in the strip for 3 Years! ...but, if he still got votes, there's something there...It would be nice to have several Ebony Men walkin' around in various states of undress, though, if he came back...possibly for Richard...

DAVE: ...He was normally dead last, but his union w/ Nick woke his story-line up a bit; I'd like to see a 'Special Needs' Ep featuring him, giving the B&B plot-lines more community diversity....

RICHARD: ...I've been saying it for 6+ Years...GROW UP! ...his look FINALLY feel contemporary, so let's get his MINDSET there...NO DJ'ing, YES, to working! ...a Gossip blog channel, a PR Job, an online correspondent...time to be a WINNER, Rich! ....Kristian may find that VERY attractive....

NICK: ...settled, slimmer, SEXIER...Nick is now poised to be a 'voice of reason' at the B&B; Let's see more Garage locale heart-to-hearts w/ Brad, Ed, Lance, etc., he'd be the voice for the "Masc" community, and give these wusses a good swift kick in the ASS, when they need it....

RBS7079 said...

(PART 2):

JEREMY: ...Jeremy got a bit of a personality shake-up, and I hate him....less...but, He needs to end it with Mannis NOW, & have him interact with Ed, & Delia & Lisa more; I believe him more, hangin' w/ the Girls, and wanting a more affectionate, monogamous relationship, like Lesbians have...maybe, thoughts of a Baby!? ...A bit sexier now, but, STILL dull....

DELIA: ...If Delia gets w/ Lisa, it can set a new precedent of Lesbians tuning into the strip, and create a 'new' mindset, with GIRLS added into the mix; BOTH are ball-busters, and will be MUCH more blunt to the Guys, more so than Nick! ..have 'em move in together, maybe, into the new wing of the B&B!??

SERGEI: ...NYET! ...Why isn't this "White Russian" hangin' with Nick!? ...It'd be believable, and would bring in more "Bears"; Sergei is VERY blunt, and some of these flaky B&B'ers some needed 'frank' advice...Sergei, will GIVE it...

BRAD: ...I've been harpin' about Rich to 'grow up', same goes to Brad! ...he's now 'Out',& he should be getting into some sexy hi-jinks... I've long stated that He & Price should have a secret "Friends w/ Benefits" relationship that goes awry every-time (like Chandler & Monica did, on "Friends"); It'd be FUNNY to watch 2 Hunks try to make it work, & fail, all the time...It would give them personality shake-ups too...Brad, Horny!? ...Price, docile!? ..think about it...

DREW: The SMARTEST Hunk in the B&B, and he's now regulated to wearing Speedos & crop-tops...when he ACTUALLY shows up! ...He MUST show his backbone again, and challenge Lance to Marriage; Drew is NOT a pushover, we need the 'Georgia Peach' to show that 'tang'-iness he had, again...CLOTHED....

ED: Love, close the graduating from College, and aside from that Spartacus debacle, is showing MUCH growth & maturity...I didn't see it before, but I do NOW, Darren is PERFECT for Ed...Our Boy is grown up, now, Ma...

RBS7079 said...

(PART 3):

KYLE: ...Oh, it's time! ...I just harped about Kyle & Levi being VERY bland, if they actually get together; Kyle seems to find Men that need 'fixing', it would be nice to see a challenge presented to HIM... Kyle deflects from relationship turbulence, and Rich & Brad can't always fight his battles...If he DOES get with Levi, "Bottle Booty" better bring some obstacles, to make Kyle WORK for the relationship...

PRICE: ..YEAH, YEAH, he has a heart, he's kinder, now (the Maya story-line), but.. he NEEDS darkness & SEXINESS again; more arguments w/ Lance & Mannis, more hot 'secret Sex' w/ Brad, more shade thrown at Rich & Ed...and, more running away from Darren, the ONLY Man he fears! ..Evil People can be funny,too, y'know...

RUDY: ..It's saying something, that a 70-something, clothed Gay Man, with a CANE, came in 4th!! ...he is *LIKED*, and needs more B&B some 'flashbacks' of Rudy's 70's / 80's heyday, and show the Millennial Gay Youth what Rudy's 'time' was like...and, why's he still HERE, to tell it....

MANNIS: ...He actually was 2nd, RIGHT until the end of the poll! ..So, I consider him second..but the Kid has some new plot-lines that can be a VERY interesting read in 2023; a new business, a possible breakup, & a new Home (in the Barn-wing)..more interactions w/ Rudy & Rich, and maybe, a new dating Life, and bump him up to #1 again!?

LEVI: ...well, even though his (rarely seen) ASS is thing of Beauty, his Heart is warming People up, too; a LOT of People see him w/ Kyle, but, he'd be MUCH more interesting if he was showing feelings for Darren, It would be some SERIOUS d-r-a-m-a, and everyone would be on edge...I still want to know his backstory, of why he's living in his Car, also....

DARREN: ..well, CONGRADS, dude! ..Darren is nerdy, sexy, a bit awkward...but, a VERY welcome addition to the B&B!! .. You can put him with ANYONE (story-wise), and he FITS...His relationship with Ed has a 'quiet strength' that is mature, new. sexy & NEEDED...funny how Lance & Darren (the Ebony Men), have the most mature relationships in the B&B'S history... A change is gonna come...and, HAS....

...let's also hope for some BIG changed at the B&B in 2023...It's all up to YOU, Sir the strip, ALWAYS, and Happy New Year, love, CHOW.... ; )

Joule said...

The fact that Darren, a character of color, was overwhelmingly voted KYLE'S B&B PERSON OF THE YEAR 2022 is proof that when you have a well drawn out relatable character regardless of the ethnicity/race of said character or the reader, cream always rises to the top. Darren is a representative of multiple sectors, he's Black, gay, a blerd (black nerd), a cop and in the comics 1st relationship between characters of color, that may not mean much to some but to me, a man of color, who's been reading the Kyle's Bed & Breakfast since it was published in Genre magazine its meaning is beyond description.

What a way to end they year!!!

Unknown said...

@RBS7079: Yes! I appreciate the great observations. I would love to see Levi throw a little drama into the Eduardo/Darren mix, some flashbacks to Rudy's heyday, and some more special one-on-one time between Brad and Price. *fingers crossed*

Otherwise, another fun year of Kyle's B&B complete. I'm looking forward to next year's strips.

Happy New Year, everyone!

-- Thom H.

Jack said...


I'm going to disagree with you about it not mattering within gay society. We have had way too many instances to where someone's color did matter and we still have gay racism within the gay community. In fact, the gay community is one of the most racist in recent memory and that's not including historical content. However, I will take note that Darren is the first person of color and the first black gay man to win this honor of Man of the Year. The fact that this has happened in 2022, is reason enough to really question gay peoples' feelings about color. That being said: I like his relationship much more than any of the other relationships currently in the strip. But I DO agree that it's time for Drew/Lance to take the next step. They have been together for a decade and I'm tired of seeing no talents like Mannis and Jeremy being featured more prominently.


Joule said...


You make a valid point when it comes to racism in the alphabet community, one I agree with, to address this issue there is a sector of said community that has to be willing to have a hard honest conversation on racism in the community.

As for lance & Drew I see what the physical attraction is what I don't see is any attraction or commonality outside the bedroom. Yes opposites attract but when it comes to those two I question "what's the attraction?" I have no problem with their relationship, I think Drew is a great balance for Lance, he acts a conscious that gives Lance perspective something he needs. The bigger question is "what does Lance provide to Drew?"

As far as Mannis & Jeremy are concerned I like them as a couple, an Asian American & Scottish immigrant, Greg presented those issues of immigration and non-penetrative sex through their relationship that made the reader consider them in real life circumstances.

I think we need to give Greg credit for writing a strip that is very cerebral beside being entertaining.

Jack said...

They (gay community) wants us to have this Kumbaya moment but I have yet to see ANY gestures that would warrant that. I don't see why this is not obvious in the gay community. When Will and Grace and Queer as Folk was on back in the early 2000s, no black, asian, latino character was on those shows so why would I support a community that doesn't want me...?

I see the attraction between Lance an Drew in the bedroom but outside of the bedroom, we have never seen them (1) hold hands, (2) meet each others families, (3) make gestures of love proclamation. I would like to see Lance go out of his comfort zone for Drew.

Mannis and Jeremy have no business being together at all!!!!! UGH, I do not like this "couple" because I see nothing at all there. Most gay men will not engage in non-penetrative sex after a period. Not going to happen.

Greg has done a great job at writing the strip but this year, I would like to see more character development. That being said: I want to see more Darren and Eduardo!!!!!!!! And a lesbian love story would be nice. Also, where's Morgan? I felt that she and Brad had WAY more chemistry than Price and Brad... Also, BRING BACK KRISTIAN!!!!!!! He could put Richard in check!


Joule said...


How you feel about Mannis & Jeremy is how I feel about Kristian & Richard, talk about having NOTHING in common, they had to be the oddest couple in the history of the comic. At least Mannis & Jeremy have chemistry, Richard & Kristian had none. Plus a know of many gay male couples in non-penetrative sexual relationships, it's not as uncommon as you may think.

Here's a fact, I've seen more done for race relations & diversity in this comic than I've seen done by the alphabet community, I'm not saying Greg has the answers to racism in the alphabet community he just seamlessly includes people of color as a norm. Let's be honest Price & Lance are both top tier equal opportunity assholes

As for Drew & Lance the only thing I can conclude is that the sex has to of the mutha f'ing chain.

Mi Ci said...

How did Levi get put in the running ? he barely just got introduced a short while ago. shame he got votes that couldve gone to a more deserving character

Jack said...


I must say that there are many gay couples that are in non penetrative sexual relationships but it usually ends bad terms because of the purported lack of intimacy. But I think that it is common.

True, I have seen more race relations done in this comic than the entire gay community who wants to pretend that it doesn't exist. Greg does not have the answers to the gay community's race issues but it would be nice to see more in-depth gay racism being portrayed and the ramifications of it. Lance and Price are vile but at least Lance never attempted to steal the business from Kyle, raped Brad. With Drew and Lance, the sex IS off the chain no doubt but it would be nice to see more affection