Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Episode # 607 - December 13th, 2022

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RBS7079 said...

STEVE: '..Thanks for making me a costume, Richard....'
RICHARD: '...No problem, Steve...YOURS, don't need any padding....'

...in the front, or back!?? ...ha-HAA!!

...well, Steve brings his BIG package....of LOVE, and care... to the B&B; Delia & Lisa are shaping up to be a LONG deserved Couple, Price is showing true emotion(s) to a child, he inspires.....

...and, speaking of inspiration...I wonder what holds for the B&B'ers, in 2023?

- ..will Lance & Drew marry?

- ..will Mannis & Jeremy, NOT?

- ..will Levi throw his BIG BUTT into the blossoming union of Darren & Ed?

- ..will Rudy's business w/ Mannis be a 'kilt'-ing success?

- ..will Delia & Lisa share each other's... lipsticks?!

- ..will we EVER see more of the newly slimmed down, HOT Nick!?

- ..will Richard FINALLY get a real Job, & pack up the Deborah Cox 12"s?

- ..will Sergei ever thump around in HIS boxer-briefs!? ..w/ a new BF!?

- ..will Dave ever NOT be LAST!?? ..ha-HAAA!!

...have a lovely Xmas, all, I'll be sipping Coffee, listening to me "Michael Buble Christmas" CD...and, staring at how Steve doesn't need any PADDING (panel 6)!! .....whew, God bless us, EVERYONE!!! ...ha-HAAA!!


Alton said...

Ultra Boy is the perfect costume for a Christmas angel! Happy Holidays, Greg!

jjt said...

What Legionnaire is Richard? I don’t recognize the uniform.

Jack said...

Honestly, I could really care less about Price. I think that he along with Mannis and Jeremy are utterly useless. That being said: it's about time for Lance and Drew to get married and start meeting each others family. We have never seen Lance develop into any real character. That being said: Edren as Joule stated, is the best couple. I think that Kyle should (1) have a male Person of the year and a (2) couple of the year. This could be an interesting turn of events but right now: Edren is the best couple that the strip has ever seen. Also, where is Morgan? When will we see an intergenerational relationship and a lesbian relationship?


Unknown said...

I love seeing Price grow and change. Maybe Brad will notice that he's changing, too...

@jjt: That's a relatively recent costume for Fire Lad, a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes. I think it's meant to coordinate with Richard's current hair color?

Happy holidays, everyone!

-- Thom H.

WranglerMan said...

Call me a fool, but I love Price!

Merry Christmas, All!

And Happy Hanukkah, too!