Thursday, September 20, 2007

Annual Cow Harbor Run

The 2007 Cow Harbor 10K Run happened this past weekend in Northport; this is an annual event that happens here every September, and the runners come out in force to take on the challenging run through the hilly streets of Northport. And, once again, I dragged myself out of bed to cheer them on, (and to take some pics, posted below. As usual, click on 'em to see 'em larger).

Here's the front-runner, (he was well ahead of the rest of the runners):

Here's some of the runners who were near the front, but still had stiff competition ahead of them:

And finally, here's the guy I look for every year... (if you saw my pics from last year, he was in them, too). He always runs in some outfit that's completely out of place in a race; one year he was Indiana Jones, and for the past several years, he's been rockin' the business suit. I have no idea who he is, but he seems to remember me each year. He's awesome!


Warren said...

A 10k race in a business suit? I sure hope it wasn't a hot day in Northport, or that dude be sweating up a storm!

Greg Fox said...

It was actually a perfect day for a run...though some rain was forecast, it stayed dry throughout, and temps in the low to mid 60s. Weather is usually good for this race, although I recall one year where it was raining furiously, the runners splashing their way through large puddles and merciless downpours for the whole distance. What dedication!


Anonymous said...

Anything better than a zoot suit to wear... on any occasion :)