Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Episode # 512 - April 9th, 2019

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RBS7079 said...

...WELL, well; as I expected, 'there's love in them thar backstreets...'. ..ha-HAAA! 🔥

Manni seems to be quite the literary one; it IS kinda sexy, to have a muscular, roguish hunk know about classic literature & carpentry....he can give stimulating conversation, and then GET stimulated, in the bedroom! ....mmmmhmmm....💥⚡😈

AND, I know I'm coming off dirty (...I always do!), but, FORGET his Kilt, I wanna see a tidbit of Manni's 'bedroom skills'; NO ONE seems to be getting it on at The B&B anymore!! I LOVE the story arcs, and all, but everyone wants to 'take it slow'...😒

There should be some "'ho-ny" moments at the B&B as well, and I can't stop thinking that Manni is one of those 'jackhammer' types, like my aforementioned Paddy O' Brien...

BUTT, maybe since I'm taking it slow, with My (young) Personal Trainer, I'm living vicariously through The "B&B"... My 'Trainer' was working on glutes yesterday, and, I'm ALL KEYED UP!! ...ha-HAAA!!😜


WranglerMan said...

Hot as you know what!!!

RBS7079 said...

@ WranglerMan:

....if you meant ME, Wrang, now I know what the phrase, "sitting on a block of ice" comes from! hoooo-HAAAA!! 👅 ; )

and, I noticed again, that the strip has very ominous tones to it (even though it's nighttime)...maybe I'm reading too into it, but MAYBEEEE, Mannis may be here for some 'wrongdoings'? He's coming off like a 'Bad Boy' who's trying to 'escape' something....and, how come he's not hanging with Rudy, who talked him up into coming to the U.S?

....agh! I gotta stop lookin' at the strip when I'm getting ready for work; the morning coffee makes me speedy...and RANDY, so get Mannis outta those clothes (and, that ever-mentioned kilt),SOON,Greg!👀🙏


Unknown said...

Well, given that Kerouac is from French-Canadian descent, I guess we could consider him one of "his" writers ;-)