Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Episode # 518 - July 2nd, 2019

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Anthony said...

Price isn't as cold-hearted as he likes others to believe him to be. Sometimes he thinks about others besides himself. But I was looking for a continuation of the last episode. Guess I'll have to wait 😐.


RBS7079 said...

....aaawwww, PRICE! It seems that hanging around the B&B as long as he has, the 'sweetness' is now rubbing off on him, ha-HAAA!!😏

BUTT, how come I'm not getting a gratuitous 'ass shot' of the most BLESSED rear-end at the B&B?!🍑 ...AND, since he went away last summer, only to have 'straight' Jaime move in (and 'fall' for Brad), I see why he's atayin' PUT this time! ha-HAA!!⚓️🦶

OH! It's ALSO nice to see Dave again, but as I've mentioned before, it would be beneficial to move Dave's marriage storyline forward; he's been engaged for SEVEN YEARS!

...It's VERY admirable that a handicap Gay is featured in this strip, but he can do a WHOLE world of good for the 'rainbow' of the Gay community by having him FINALLY married to Nick (with an ACTIVE sex life), working at the office with Lance more, & more interaction with the main 'Hot Guys' at the B&B (Drew & Brad building something with Dave; Rudy & Kyle cooking with Dave, etc.)....I hate to see Dave at the bottom of the 'Man Of The Year' List again,SIX YEARS in a row...make him a WINNER, Greg!! ha-HAAA!! ♿🌈🎖

Ah well, a nice 'respite' post, Greg; I DO wanna see how Jeremy approaches his 'NIA' discussion with Mannis; maybe if Manni gives Jeremy a peek with what he's workin' with under the Kilt, he may have a brief...umm... 'turnaround'...Cum ON, babybeee, make it HURT SOOO GOOOD!!🎯🍑🔨

...I bet John Mellencamp never thought he would mentioned in a Gay B&B Comic strip....oh WELL, a first for EVERYTHING! ...ha-HAAA!🎵

...HAPPY Gay Pride & 4th of July, Kids....CHOW! 😘

Gay Grad said...

I swear Greg draws these guys SOOO well. I got horny looking at Price in a towel. Horny off a friggin cartoon? Lard hammercy!

MelliePh said...

Price may be human after all.

magickmagus said...

Okay, snap out of it, guys. Never trust a republican no matter how handsome the wrapping is--I know this from experience. Or as Shakespeare would say:

"It is a bright day that brings forth the adder, and that craves wary walking."

Trust me, the snake never changes his spots. He may shed his skin from time to time, but the spots remain.

Price is up to something.

Mark said...

Hooray! Now maybe Dave can finally make it to his wedding!

TimP said...

You know, this is probably going to have some predictable story plot to it. Like he has a sibling that is in a wheelchair, or some family member he dearly loves. He knows what it's like for people with mobility issues to live, so he did the right thing.

Which is so cliche. And of course, having said that, if the story changes to not be cliche, we'll never know.

Unknown said...

Regarding #518 - Kyle - Shut Up and Just Say Thank You to Price!