Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Episode # 571 - July 27th, 2021

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WranglerMan said...

Can anyone say....DRAMA!!!

Setting up Lance and Price for a Battle or, more precisely, Ballet Royale!! Price deciding the fate of Lance's account!!!

LOVE it! Of course, Price will vote for the changes, just so he delude himself that he can control Lance. But little does Price know...he never learns his lessons.

Cannot wait to see Alexei Kamarov...in his ballet tights and out of them. Ballet dances have the most magnificently muscular hindquarters...WOOF!!

RBS7079 said...

....ooooh. Lance TRIED it! ...Then, he CAUGHT it! ..ha-HAAA!

..Lance & Price, sittin' in a tree..R-I-P-P-I-N-G...each other's FACES off!! ...ha-HAA!!😒/"😤" Lance's 'slogan' (as a Art & Adv. Bachelor's owner), is quite weak, but, I understand where he's coming from...He wants to bring an 'edge' to Ballet, & wants to use this Alexi dude's 'dirty' side, to bring in a younger, Gay-er demographic....

...BUTT, 'Lexei better have a juicy ASS in those sheer Tights, to get ME in those seats! ...ha-HAA!!🧐((🍑)) ..But Lance & Price working together will be A HOOT!! Price will DEF use this to get back at Lancie-Boy, for that HILARIOUS 'cake' incident years ago...

...and speaking of 'cake', I wonder if Lance, Alexei, or Price will have a fling...or at least, have a Ballet session wearing those clingy, sheer, form-fitting pieces of....WHEW!! ...I better GO! ((🍌))🤤🔥...ha-HAA!!


raven said...

any advertising that is negative (and singles out older people for ridicule) would NEVER get approved.

Lance seems to be a hack.

WranglerMan said...

Good point, Raven.

"BUTT, 'Lexei better have a juicy ASS" You can bet your sweet ARSE, Alexei will, RBS7079!

See you in the funnies, Tigers!

Unknown said...

Yeah, not sure an arts organization would want to alienate the grandmothers keeping it afloat, but it's not a bad idea to lean into the controversy and court some younger patrons. Lance just needs to change the tagline.

I'm excited for some Lance and Price drama. And to meet Alexei. Maybe he and Sergei can try to out-Russian each other?

-- Thom H.

RBS7079 said...


....ahhhh, A Man after my own 'ARSE'! ...ha-HAAA!! "😍" ...anybody who knows me, KNOWS my weakness for a GOOD Ballet LEG!((🦵)) ...ha-HAAA!!


Frank said...

@Raven, you took the words right out of my mouth have the campaign without being ageist and alienating a class of donors. A more positive approach might have been: The East Hampton Dance Company: Bold, Uncompromising, Edgy for audiences of every age. Or something which indicates "Not only for Grandmothers".... speaking of grandmothers, we should remember Heidi Klum, Jada Pinkett, Sofia Vergara, Reese Witherspoon and Kimora Lee Simmons all have adult children.

Lance looks powerful and built in his suit, Price looks a bit more slight than usual. It doesn't seem cut to accentuate his boldly built body and buttocks...Perhaps Lance might audition for the dance company, some have not been impressed by his advertising career.

I am thankful for this new storyline, seeing life and characters outside the B&B, and a much needed break from characters we've seen so much of this year. I wonder if Price will support Lance's campaign (we know Price appreciates sex, scandal and well built men) or would he prefer to thwart Lance's idea based on their explosive history....

Archmago said...

In the above side-profile view of Price, he looks surprisingly like Ross Geller from "Friends"? LOL

JJ said...

In Lance's last strip with this scene, wasn't he bragging about his extensive research into this ballet company? Wouldn't he have also researched the board members? Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying a different scene, but I don't get where this is going.

Ivan said...

Yet ballets thrive on those rich older patrons, not from their children.
Alienate the grandmothers, and the company folds.
A better slogan would be 'A ballet for the ages' This way the grandmothers will see the company as classic/timeless, but you market the cute dancers in their tights to younger people.
Our local ballet/opera started a 30 for 30 program - tickets to anyone under 30 for $30. It was wildly successful without diminishing the older audience.