Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Episode # 577 - October 19th, 2021

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magickmagus said...

Very nice of Mannis to help Kyle get through his break-up with Breyer. For those of you wondering, yes, you don't wear anything under a kilt. In fact, in parts of the British army where the kilt is worn as part of the uniform, the sergeant goes around with a mirror and checks out each man at morning inspection to make sure the kilt is worn correctly. I am not kidding. For those of you who do wear a kilt and are asked the annoying question of what you're wearing under it, here are some snappy comebacks:

1. That's a man's business (usually said to horny women).
2. My socks and my shoes.
3. One of the legends of Scotland. (my personal favorite).

RBS7079 said...

.....aye, Manni', ye Olde SOFTIE!! ...ha-HAAA!! ..Well Greg slipped in one of his Kilt 'tribute' Episodes...We had Drew, Lance, Rudy, Manni', now Kyle....

....I WOULD say Richard, but we wouldn't know the DIFFERENCE! ,,,ha-HAAA!! ((👗)) ((👠))

...AH well, Mannis consoles Kyle, with some 'Pumpkin Love'; Kyle TRULY is blessed to have People come to his attention, like this ....these are some complex Guys, going through their OWN personal travails, and almost EVERYONE showed their concern....although Kyle (in my opinion) shouldn't have stayed so dormant, when Breyer's dalliance was revealed...

...If HE wanted to give the relationship a fightin' chance, it takes the Two People IN it, to happen.....😐...

....BUT! ...I wish we knew WHY Mannis is still here, doin' nuthin' but getting People into Kilts...he should be gettin' Guys OUTTA them! ...ha-HAAA!!


WranglerMan said...

Mannis was right. Better to be out in the autumn sunshine than watching TV and ruminating on your troubles. Must say, that I prefer him in his skin-tight red boxer briefs than in his kilt, although a tartan draped tush and highlighting his scone and stones are putting some wind in my bagpipe!!

RBS7079 said...

@ Wranglerman:

...I was gonna say that he looked better in the Boxer briefs! ...nice bare legs & feet...but I couldn't make a quip from, "...Fall foliage is a blazing..", without any coffee in my system, ha-HAAA!!


JM said...

Just what Kyle needs to get over a breakup - a Highland fling

Frank said...

This was a good strip. I can never get enough Mannis; it's great to see his empathetic, gentle side while consoling Kyle. Before I forget - great artwork on Star Trek TNG, was so clear and well illustrated.

One lesson in all this - although Kyle's heartbroken (somewhat) over the breakup, being alone doesn't mean being lonely. Having a good group of friends, especially attractive gay men to pay to live with you in your hoe, is a nice a place to be. The Kyle/Breyer union seems not to have been very strong, if it could not overcome a partner's handjob in the woods with a stranger and subsequent lies. Trust is important, and neither seemed interested in repairing their relationship.

Looking forward to new directions for Kyle, reconnecting with all the characters who we haven't seen much lately, the possibilities the newly constructed wing offers, and the fast approaching Christmas party with visit from Steve!

Frank said...

Sorry for typos - I meant to say about Kyle: Having a good group of friends, especially attractive gay men who pay to live with you in your home, is a nice a place to be.

RBS7079 said...


...s'all good,Frank... but 'hoe' was BETTER!! ...ha-HAAA!!

>youRANG😜< >hereIAM<

Unknown said...

another response to the 'what do you have under the kilt?' is
depends, how cold are your hands
or the best one I heard was ' a law suit' (the woman walked away and the guy said, we were all wearing kilts and a bit fed up of the question, hey if I go up to a female and ask what she is wearing under her dress/skirt or just lift it up, she can have me arrested so I should be able to have her arrested for asking me / lifting the kilt)

if they ask do you have underwear on under it you can come back with, it's a kilt, if I did then it would be a skirt

WranglerMan said...

Thank you @magickmagus for the story about what to wear under a kilt.

I've also read that the tradition of "going commando"under a kilt is either a fallacy or a tradition of very recent origin.

No matter what, although I'd like to comfort myself with the notion that a man's kilt rises in the back only from his massively muscular hindquarters or in the front from his arousal, it's far better to maintain hygiene and a sense of modesty. So wear some briefs -- tartan plaided, of course!