Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Episode # 615 - April 4th, 2023

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RBS7079 said...

....y'see what happens when you get a bunch of built, beefy Guys with tight BUTTS, hot Legs, & knee socks, into Kilts!? ...they can hardly STAY in 'em! ...I'm talking to YOU Drew, Brad & PRICE! ...ha-HAAA!!

...But, really, there was NO need to go back to the Mannis / Jeremy 'apology' situation....because, NO ONE CARED! ...Jeremy remains an empty Glass of a character, and they have THE weakest storyline....

...The (currently) most interesting Person in the strip seems to be AWOL, though...LEVI! ...Oh well, he'll be back (when his hair grows out, I loved his 'shaggy Woodsman' bob...)

...NOW, who's the hottest, in their Kilt(s), to me!? ..In Order...

1. Mannis (...dirty Blondes & black kneesocks, mmmmm...)
2. Drew (...big hairy tits & red nipples, MMMM-mmmm!!)
3. Price (...he doesn't even wanna WEAR his...easy access!)
4. Darren (...the scoop-neck shirt w/ big tits, YEAH...)
5. Eduardo (...smooth Latin skin against yellow...LOVELY..)
6. Sergei (..sturdy tummy, & calves, calves, CALVES!)
7. Lance (..we already KNOW what Lance is carryin'....)
8. Brad (...as milquetoast as can be, BUTT....)
9. Jeremy (his Olive skin, Purple Kilt & brunette Hair's nice..but he'd be booooring in the sack...NO 'bang-bang'...)
10. Richard (...I'd rather bang HIM, he'd be FUN, in a pinch..)
11. Kyle (...too sweet,but.. nice, homegrown sex, I'd guess...)
12. Rudy (...I'd have to respect him, but I KNOW he'd give great handjobs!...ha-HAAA!)

....forgive me, for being so forward today, the coffee didn't kick in yet...or, maybe it DID! ..ha-HAA!!


ComixFan said...

It's great to see how the artist showcases most of the cast in a group shot like this. I love to see how these guys never miss leg day or chest day or any gym day!


ForPrice said...

As someone who likes Price, I'm happy with that nice view of his rear, even though it would have been good to also see some of the others "in the same process" of putting on their kilts.
Thanks for giving us Price fans another tasty fan-service.

Mi Ci said...

I dont care for Mannis and the way his accent is protrayed is cringeworthy. Jeremy is also another boring one note act, the guy is a loser and needs to get a life.

RBS7079 said...

....y'know, I've come to give Mannis some reprieve here, because I felt my previous comment makes him come off bad....

...Mannis was supposed to be the 'dangerous' One; he was supposed to be the tell-it-like-it-IS Guy, and the One who Kyle would have to bail out of Jail, every other week....but, putting him w/ Jeremy has been a major mistake....

....Jeremy originally was the 'George Takei" of the strip, and now (w/ his union w/ Mannis), he's garnered more softer, quieter traits, & more Hair / Body... plus, his 'no backdoor' policy shocked everyone, who thought he'd be eatin' Pillows! ...ha-HAA!

....but, THIS union of the Two, actually DULLED Mannis, and comes off as highly unbelievable....I'd LOVE some fightin' action between Him & Price, there'd be some SERIOUS sparks, there!

..Maybe, another character who comes to the Kilt shop, with an equally arresting personality.. maybe a 'Luke' or a 'Colin', who has an equally 'spitfire'-like vibe, like Mannis...

...or, Mannis can just bang Price on the sly in the Laundryroom!...Kilts garner easy ACCESS, y'know!! ...HA-HAA!


Ivan said...

Obviously, getting each other to take off their underwear is their 'thing' - Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ridor said...

Well, he's right. Take it off, Jeremy!

ForPrice said...

I wonder why Price was the only member out of the B&B gang that was singled out and depicted with his toned and gleaming buttocks showing "in full moon". It would have also been satisfying to see Brad, Lance, Jeff, Manis and Eduardo in the same way.
Greg, if you can... maybe you can release an artwork of the guys posing fully-attired in their kilts?

Jack said...

Hopefully, Jeremy keeps it on, we all know that he's....challenged....down there...That being said: what a lame couple. Their whole story line is terrible...