Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Episode # 642 - April 16th, 2024 ✂️

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ComixFan said...

Richard as Professor Henry Higgins making over Levi as Eliza Doolittle!

I love it!

Is this the musical version (My Fair Lady/Laddie) or the stage play (Pygmalion)?

This promises to be quite a ride!

what will the dialogue be? "Jeremy, your twin buttocks are like two full moons, your lips like roses in bloom, your glossy hair like an iridescent waterfall of night!"

or perhaps,



Ivan said...

Cutting/styling your hair is fine, but how about stop suggesting you need to starve yourself/spend hours in the gym to fit into some unrealistic body type?
'Stay young and beautiful, if you want to be loved'

RBS7079 said...

....OK, I'm gonna whine N' rant....don't be offended, Sir Greg...

....while I know it's Greg's raison d'etre to bring on new characters, and give them 'makeovers' (by Richard, almost exclusively), I reeeeally wish that there would be at least ONE Guy in the B&B with a bit of a more 'granola' (aka natural) look, & vibe....

....Levi's long, shaggy Hair set him apart from the others (MY OPINION), and, while I KNEW he would get a makeover, he damn sure doesn't need MAKEUP! ...he already looks like Drew, as it IS!

....Drew, Kyle, Ed, Jaime, etc, all came to the B&B and got their Hair done...let's have at least ONE character not look so .....'cosmopolitan'....knowwhutImean!?

...and, even though I know Levi's Bod will get tight soon enough, he had the biggest ASS out of all the Guys there....why haven't I seen it, SINCE!?? ...HA-HAA!! ...ah, well, don't hit me...


RBS7079 said...

...alright, I'm back to whine & rant....

1. ...where's LANCE!? ...he got dumped in a Pool with Price (who's also missing), and we never heard from him, again....

2. ....where's MANNIS!? ...It would be plausible if he was doing carpentry work, but, are Kilts selling that briskly?

3. ...where's EDUARDO!? ....He's been in College for 23 YEARS, now....is he goin' for a Masters!?

4. ...where's RUDY? ...Is he checking fabrics for the Kilts!?

5. ...where's PRICE!? ...he lost some points for how he treated Levi, but he's the VILLAIN of the B&B, he starts the DRAMA!

6. ....where's DELIA!? ...did she move into the B&B!? ...or, waiting for her lease to lapse!?

7. ..where's JASON!? ...he was lookin' to bang Price's Ass 19 ways 'til Sunday, is he actually DOING it!?

8. ...where's SERGEI!? ...my poor Russian, off to the sidelines...

9. ...where's NICK & DAVE!? ...I can understand Dave (he works w/ Lance), but Nick runs a Garage...is he hangin' w/ Sergei!?

10. ...where's DENNIS!? ...I know his Hours may fluctuate working P/T, but, I'm sure Kyle must be missing his big......TOUCH..... ; )

....OK, rant over...I'll blame the Coffee!! ...ha-HAAA!


Jack said...

He looks like Drew now.

Tim said...

This reminds me a little too much of certain people in my local community who took it upon themselves to bully others into changing their looks, usually by saying things like 'no-one will ever sleep with you if you look that way'. They tried it on me, to which I said: 'Then I guess no-one will ever sleep with me. I'm not changing my looks to please you. I don't care what you think about my looks.'

Buck said...

"Levi, you're attractive just the way you are ... but you've got to lose weight."

Mi Ci said...

says who? you sound like the typical judgmental right. Levi shouldn't have to change to suit anybody else. take me as i am or go take a flying leap.