Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Episode # 507 - January 29th, 2019

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Rip said...

Manny seems to have a difficult temperament and some issues of comunication. What do you think of mate him with Price?

RBS7079 said...

....WELL! >: (

...seems Mannis needs a 'fresh' set of MANNERS, to go under that Kilt O' his!

This was probably the one of the only times when a guest got under Kyles' skin right-quick; 'You do the math' is not one says, when they meet a guest coming to their B&B! AYE, Mannis be RUDE!!

I'm wondering who'll be able to tame this brutish bloke; even as a fling, I can't see anyone wanting to spend time with this brute (albeit cute brute; Drew & Rudy may hang with him sporadically, but he'll beat up Price, Richard, & Lance!

Eduardo's too 'ethnic' (even though he looks to be Ed's age..), Jeremy's too flighty (...so to speak) ...hmmm, we'll have to see....BUT we know the score when a character is introduced here; they come in rude / mean / agitated, they warm up, they warm 'up' to someone at the B&B, they walk in undressed, and then, someone winds up in the sheets!

...so, GET ON with it, would ye!? ha-HAAAA!


Mark said...

This is exactly how Kyle and Breyer met. Given past precedent, I expect Kyle and Mannis to be an item within four episodes. Sorry, Breyer (not really...I never liked him anyway).

I have to wonder, though...does this strip NEED another asshole? Price, Lance, Sergei, Nick, Breyer...and now Mannis. They're well on their way to forming their own not-so-secret society of super dickheads!

Mark said...

Mannis was right about one thing, though...no Guinness in the house? Turn in your Irish card, Kyle!

RBS7079 said...

@ Mark:

....ain't nuttin' wrong with a lil' dick and head, as long as it's SUPER! ha-HAAAA, I'm too fresh, when I get my coffee in me, in the mornin'!!!

BUT, you seem to be right that Kyle seems to be the one geared towards this Mannis cat; I happen to like (LUV) Breyer, but, seeing that he's run out of steam in Greg's eyes (he hasn't had a decent storyline, or shown up, literally, in YEARS), maybe this is the best way to....um...usher out the old, and bring in the new?! time will tell....

you're also right about the lack of Guinness' with all those MENZ, in the house?! ha-HAAA!!! lemme go to work, CHOW-CHOW!!

DAK said...

Mannis had me as soon as he slipped that leather jacket off his shoulders. Kyle better check out whats under the kilt before one of the othe kids do.

Jack said...

"Eduardo's too ethinc!" Another white racist pick... yes I said it


whiskers65 said...

oh brother, stereotype much here Fox?

Jack said...

Funny, you didn't say anything to the guy that's it those comments previously. Where is Wildcat? I'm surprised he didn't erase that remark since he take such pleasure in erasing mine.


magickmagus said...
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magickmagus said...

"MacQueen?" Oh Kyle, could you BE more obvious?

Mannis IS a stereotype. I've worked with Scots for years and they do not talk like a character from "Star Trek" or a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Ye let us doon, laddie.

Dan41 said...

Wow, Mannis is an overbearing, insensitive brute and needs to learn some manners! But he DOES look good in a kilt! (I'm sure he would look just as good OUT of a kilt!) Then again, Kyle's line, "You do the math was also a bit insensitive, so both got what they were asking for.

RBS7079 said...


....Oh, we'll see him out of that kilt, I'm SHUR-A!....ha-HAA!!

As we know, the characters at the B&B always get a 'meet hate / cute' introduction; Lance / Drew, Kyle / Breyer, Dave / Nick...it's almost protocol! BUTT, seeing that it's Kyle who's met him first....hmmm, you do the math! ... ha-HAAA!! >: P

...and, I'm thinking (hoping) that Mannis may have a 'Paddy O' Brian' vibe in the bedroom.... >gasp< ...If he's anything like HIM, well, Top O' the Mornin' (and evening) TO YA!! HA-HAAAAA!!


Unknown said...

To me, he vaguely reminds me of Eddie Brock from the Spider Man comics. At the moment he runs me the wrong way, like Sergei did.
I wonder if this guy will tone down the criticisms long enough to actually learn something. What was that saying I just read yesterday??
"Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something." -Plato

Hey guys, just curious, what happens to trash during snowstorms and such? Do you still leave them outside or do you have to keep it somewhere inside the home away from people so it doesn't stink up the place? Just reading about the polar vortex and the subzero temperatures piques my random curiosity.

Mark said...

If it's below freezing outside, you shouldn't have to worry about your trash stinking. I'd just make sure it's not covered with ice and/or snow when the trash collectors finally get a chance to pick it up...no sense making their job any harder.

Lyle Austin said...

It is AWESOME that you have Mannis wearing the authentic MacQueen tartan. (I looked it up.) That's a lovely bit of detail there.

Greg Fox said...

Lyle, thank you for noticing that. I have some Scottish friends who would have never let me hear the end of it had I picked the incorrect tartan for Mannis, (LOL)!