Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Episode # 582 - December 28th, 2021

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Frank said...

Interesting developments - nice to see Rudy back in a story. Lance clearly never skips leg day - more please! Now, after seeing panels 2, 3 and 7, Greg I need to change my person of the year vote to Mannis. I was thinking we could have another B&B wedding, except Jeremy is Canadian, and can't help. A marriage of convenience perhaps with one of American single residents? Or will Richard's genealogical research reveal Mannis' father is not whom he believed, rather an American soldier with whom his mother had an affair? (I might have been watching too much Dynasty myself). I like Mannis' character, I hope he stays and continues his relationship with Jeremy). Immigration is a strong issue worldwide, which can disrupt lives and happiness - even blond Scotsmen are not immune to the problems. The Orange County and San Francisco posters seem to possibly be Easter eggs - looking forward to seeing where this leads.

Unknown said...

Timely storyline. And speaking of time--Where is the next book????

RBS7079 said...

...I'm a bit late this time 'round...got a plumbing situation....BUTT, I'm always here for any pulchritude from ANYONE, and Mannis & Lance are fillin' UP that VOID! ...ha-HAA!!

...Mannis seems to be the CLEAR front-runner / winner of the "Man Of The Year" poll, so, this is a VERY timely post; I think Kyle will bring him on, to fix up the Barn extension, and give him significant 'rights' to stay in the country longer, OR.....

....Jeremy may ask Mannis to marry him.

...I've come to love the Mannis character (although I was hoping for a more 'darker' person at the B&B), and it would be nice to have him in the Country, with a realistic reasoning....

....AND, might I add that Lance looks VERY sexy in those teeny 70's basketball shorts!? ...grrrrowl! ...and, RICHARD!! ...the 'slicked hair' styling is INCREDIBLE on him, and it is NEVER to change, OK, Greg!? ...ha-HAAA!!

...See you al,l at Mannis' "MOTY" christening! ...ha-HAA!! ..CHOW, and a HAPPY 2022....we NEED it!

J.D. said...

This was a wonderful episode: a new plot, interesting revelations, humor, and Mannis steaming it up in those string bikini briefs! Lance is looking sexy and fabulous too...So glad to see Rudy appearing more often. Aside from carpentry, Mannis could become a voice actor using his sexy Scottish accent in a gay cartoon. He could certainly be an underwear model for one of Lance's clients too-a Scottish underwear brand perhaps. But then again Mannis could be the kilted go-go boy at Richard's DJ gigs, or maybe a kilted personal trainer with a YouTube channel...I also love that Lance is defeating Richard in their catty exchanges.

Best wishes,


jjt said...

Wow. Is Lance always such a bitch?

RBS7079 said...

...hey all, having my coffee this morn, and I felt I should clarify something I wrote in me previous post:

...I indicated I wanted someone 'darker', I didn't mean a POC; Lance, Delia & Darren are FINE examples..especially in SHORT-SHORTS! ...ha-HAAA!!

...I meant someone moody, brooding....Mannis was introduced to us, wanting to fighting someone getting off his flight, So I thought Mannis would be the 'hothead' of the B&B, like 'Mickey', from that "Shameless" TV show....whom, I LOVE!!

...AND, I also wanted to acknowledge Rudy's presence, TOO..I worried an Elder-Gay would'nt have much vision when introduced, but he REMAINS the only character that had a 'thrlling' story-arc, and always give sage advice to the B&B'ers....as EXPECTED....

...just like those BIG BASKETS Lance & Darren are carryin' 'round in the front of their SHORTS....hangin' left, 'eh, Lance!? ..MEOW!!

...ha-HAAA!! CHOW-CHOW!!

WranglerMan said...

Ditto, J.D. It was a marvelous episode. And Mannis takes the cake home with those Scottish buns bursting out of those bikini briefs!!!

Bravo to RBS7079 for tooting Rudy's horn.

Y'all can take the high road! I want to take the low road to Mannis' muscular hindquarters and be in his Scotland before y'all!

Boy I would love to see the sun shine on his Loch Lomond!

RBS7079 said...


"...Bravo to RBS7079, for tooting Rudy's horn...." ...hell, I'd rather 'toot' on Darren or Lance's, theirs are BIGGER! ...shorts don't LIE! ..ha-HAA!!

...AND, I'm a dunce when it 'cums' to Scottish lingo, BUTT, Mannis' 'Loch Lomond', sounds SPACIOUS!

...why do I drink Red Wine before Bed!? ...I turn into a Dirty Ol' Man on the keyboard...and UNDER it, TOO! ...ha-HAAA!!

...SEE ya at the Man O' The Year unveiling!! ..TOODLES!!

JM said...

Word to Mannis.

Those lady panties are all wrong. Stick to men's briefs/boxer-briefs.

A whole acre of your clan is rolling over in their graves.

J.D. said...

@WranglerMan-I love your double entendres! ;)

Mannis is a smokin' hot stud in his red bikini briefs. I'd love to see him in skimpy Men's underwear more often.

Best wishes,


Drewcifer said...

I always feel a little silly when I wear a string bikini, but damn it if they aren't the perfect cross-section of comfortable and functional.