Thursday, December 30, 2021

Kyle's B&B Person of the Year for 2021 - Mannis MacQueen!


Well, the votes are in, and our man from Scotland has once again grabbed the crown!

This is Mannis's third win, three years in a row, making him & Drew the only characters to

have won the title 3 or more times, (Drew has actually won it times, so he still reigns as 

the character with most wins). Once again, Mannis won the title in a year where he had no

major storylines, and overall not many appearances. In fact, he only appeared in 4 episodes...and in only 3 of 
them did he actually have any lines of dialogue! So, this may set some sort of a record for a victory with the least
 amount of panel-time. However, within those episodes in which he did appear, he had some memorable moments, 
as we see in these various highlight panels from Mannis's appearances in 2021:

In looking at the numbers for the other candidates, Kyle had a very strong showing, coming in second
place, (his highest showing ever, no doubt due to his big storyline this year, in the Everhard Woods saga).
Darren placed third, showing a significant jump from his 7th place showing last year. Breyer came in
4th place, also a big jump, (he came in 13th place last year), owing also to his major role in the Everhard Woods
saga. Poor Kristian came in last place, which is understandable, due to his almost complete absence from the B&B
in 2021. Here are the numbers... see for yourself how everyone scored. Thank you so much for taking the time
to be a part of the election, (And if your candidate didn't win, well... there's always next year! Start campaigning now... it's
 never too early!). And it you'd like to see the gallery of previous years' winners, you can visit it right here on the website by clicking here. 


Joule said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Mannis on his 3rd win!!!!!.... The fact that Darren came in 3rd is FANTASTIC!!!! CHEERS to my favorite character, can't wait to see that first kiss between him and Eduardo.

RBS7079 said...

...aye, ye finna' come to ye RIGHTETH TOP SPOT, yah, Mannis!?? ...ha-HAA!!

...WELL, as expected the 'dirty blonde' with the dirty mouth, came out on TOP...and with a CROP TOP, no less! ...ha-HAA!! ...I'm hoping Mannis can stay at the B&B longer, BUT, I'm hoping for some more 'darker' moodier storylines for him...I would LOVE a bar fight, or someone threatening Rudy, and Manni' start's cruisin' for BRUSIN'S!! ...ha-HAA!!

...Well, Kids, one more day, and 2021 is no more...let's hope for a more focused, independent, & linear New Year...keep those dearest close to you, and kick those toxic People to the CURB....I know I'm plannin' to...

...Congrads, Manni', ye wear that speedo with ye PRIDE, eh!? ..ha-HAA!! ...Happy New Year!! ; )

Jack said...

Sure would be nice if a person of color won one.....

J.D. said...


I'm hoping that Darren and Eduardo will finally have a steamy romance too. It's been a slow burn thus far.

Best wishes for the new year everyone!


JM said...

As the attorney for Frosty -- the B&B's Resident Siberian Husky -- I demand a recount.

WranglerMan said...

What a way to ring out Hogmanay with a bonnie lad like Mannis!

Now, if only he'd show us his Loch Lomond!!

WranglerMan said...

Oh...Happy and Healthy New Year to All!

diana green said...

Congratulations, Mannis! Really, I knew Delia didn't have a prayer, but I had to vote girl on this one!

Frank said...

It would be nice to see a B&B underwear contest - Mannis might win that one also