Saturday, December 30, 2023

Kyle's B&B Person of the Year for 2023 - Levi Silverstein!!! 👑


The votes are in, and it is official! Levi has won the crown in a landslide victory! 👑

This is Levi's first win, (he placed 2nd last year, which was his first-ever appearance on the ballot). 
As is often the case with crown-winners, Levi had some significant storylines this year. (That's not
always the case, though... Mannis and Drew have both won in years where they barely had walk-ons
throughout the year). But throughout 2023, Levi had some major events: his dramatic night out on the
coldest night of the year, (nearly freezing to death!)... his officially moving into the B&B in the after-
math of that... his gradual getting his life back on track, after the discovery of his innocence in the
incident that got him fired... and ultimately, his court victory and the exciting news that he'd be re-
locating to a new life in Hawaii... something he'd only dreamed of but never thought could happen!

Here are a few highlight panels from Levi's life in 2023:

In looking at the numbers for the other candidates, Kyle had a major year, jumping up to 2nd place
after coming in 6th place last year, (most certainly, his current storyline with Coach Dennis has stirred
up some interest in Kyle with readers). Darren, always a readers' favorite, (and last year's winner),
came in 3rd place, and after that, Drew & Mannis came in 4th and 5th, only one vote apart. (Notably,
neither of those two had much going on in the stories this year, although Drew had a memorable
appearance in his Mark Spitz speedo, as well as being part of the search party out looking for Levi
on that cold, cold night, which may have gotten him a few votes). 

After that, Brad & Price tied for 6th place, (and each of these guys were around quite a bit in the
stories this year. Although Price's callous slamming the door in Levi's face on that cold, cold night
is something a lot of readers will never forgive him for... despite the fact that it was Price, (with
Frosty's help), who ended up rescuing Levi and saving his life! In fact, it's a little surprising that
Price scored as high as he did... which may ultimately be a result of his multiple appearances
wearing little besides his oxford shirts and dress socks. 

Another notable placing is Richard, who came in 7th place... a rather astonishing leap after 
coming in 14th place last year! I think a lot of readers liked how he took Levi under his wing
and assisted him with getting his life back on track... and also uncovering the truth about Levi's
firing, which led to Levi getting that cash settlement and the opportunity to go to Hawaii. 

Also of note is Jason Forest, in his first appearance ever on the ballot, scored a respectable 
11th place, ahead of such well-liked characters as Sergei and Nick. He was only in 3 episodes
so far, but I think readers loved the fact that he helped Levi score his victory against his
former employer... as well as put Price in his place... more than once! 

Our special sad trombone award 📯  once again goes to our last place winner, Lisa. 
And considering, again, that she had hardly any screen time in the strip this year, it's 
perfectly understandable. But who knows what'll happen in 2024?

Below are the final numbers for everyone. And if you'd like to see the "Hall of Fame" of previous
 winners of the crown, you can click here to visit the Kyle's B&B Person of the Year Hall of Fame!!!
As I always say... if your favorite guy or gal didn't win... start campaigning now for them! There's
always next year!!!  👑 I'm wishing you a very Happy New Year, and looking forward to bringing
you more adventures of the B&B crew in 2024! Thank you for being a part of it!!!



RBS7079 said...

....hmmmm... did I write this up!?? looks suspiciously like ME!...ha-HAAA!!

...well, there's no need to recap the votes / plot-lines, because Greg already took care of, I'll just leave my wishes for the characters, in 2024....

LEVI - ...don't LEAVE!
KYLE - ...hit a Home Run in that Bedroom, Babe...
DARREN - ...NO PTSD! ...and more spandex shorts...
DREW - ...NO 70's SPEEDOS, just a Wedding Ring, please...
MANNIS - ..fight somebody! ...and more hairy tits, Thank You...
BRAD -....bang Price, already! ..It's been long enough...
PRICE - ...LET Brad bang you, it's been long enough...
RICHARD - ...A Job will bring you respect, Bubby....
RUDY - ...tell more tales, we KNOW you got 'em....
EDUARDO - ...graduate from College!'re a MAN now...
JASON - ...move into the B&B, we need a to SPEAK...
JEREMY -, na hey hey, kiss him GOODBYE....
LANCE - ...with this Ring, I thee wed.....
SERGEI - ...Nick needs a Buddy, y'know....
DAVE - have more to, SAY it...
DELIA - need a Woman, need a Woman, toniiiighttt...
NICK - need a Buddy, need a Buddy right nowwwww....
LISA - ...who!? ..just kiddin! ..have you met our Friend, Delia!?

...Give me at least 3 of these wishes, and I'm set for 2024! ..ha-HAA!! ..THANK YOU, Sir Greg, for letting us stay at the B&B...It's quite comfy, and it's all because of YOU! ...Happy New Year, Bubby...CHOW!

David L. said...

CAMPAIGNING NOW! FOLKS IT IS LONG PAST TIME FOR KYLE TO WIN! (I was yelling just now, because I don't have a megaphone! LOL! Let's keep Kyle's name up top! He deserves it!