Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Episode # 634 - December 26th, 2023 ❄️

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RBS7079 said...

....well, it looks like Kyle didn't need the 'Super Bowl' to score a TOUCHDOWN....or, a FEEL UP! ...ha-HAAA!!

...Oh, me... Kyle's slow n' steady relationship w/ Coach 'D' is now progressing to the BEDROOM....; Kyle seems to be a loving romantic, but WHY does he keep getting these Burly, Macho BRUTES!?

...he can't lie to me, he wants that Bed of his, WRECKED! ...HA-HAA!

...But, Dennis seems to ant to take it slow, also, so everyone's on the same page....of gettin' on the same SHEETS! ...HA-HAA!!

...Alright, enough joshin', Happy New Year, all....see you at the crowing ceremony of THE 'PERSON' OF THE YEAR'....it's looking like a LANDSLIDE...... ; ) .....


Ivan said...

60 days until sex?
Now that's funny.
Ah the puritan US.

Paul R said...

Coach is from Buffalo? I never saw him around here!
Actually, this year we've had record warmth! 60° on Christmas. Of course, last year, we had an actual blizzard. One of the worst storms in history!

Rob said...

Well Greg, this was a very sweet, romantic installment. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The snow is beautiful.

WranglerMan said...

Thoroughly romantic, and I cannot wait for the look on Brad's face in the morning, when he comes down to breakfast and sees his Coach there!!!

ComixFan said...

slow and steady relationship development - pretty true to life. Brad certainly deserves a relationship of his own - he seems to spend all his time taking care of the other residents, it's time someone stepped up for him!

Happy New Year 2024!