Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Episode # 630 - October 31st, 2023 🎃

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JM said...

This will drive Brad right up the wall.

ComixFan said...

Good to learn Coach's backstory. Now his behavior makes sense - the anger, the loneliness, the barely suppressed horniness, along with his impatience - all are consistent with a man who has suffered loss. ALS doesn't kill quickly - it's a long, drawn out, painful process for everyone.

I like how the art focuses on the characters' faces and eyes, rather than their booties this week. Great story telling restraint!


RBS7079 said...

"...I like how the art focuses on the characters' faces and eyes, rather than their booties, this week...."

...I feel ATTACKED! ...HA-HAAA!! ...jus'kiddin', Comix! ...well, since I'm not gettin' Booty (so to speak), let concentrate on the story arc; Kyle was right, in letting the connection with Coach Dennis grow organically....

...Kyle always had a sense of who may have a good 'heart', but he is wildly UN-confrontational (remember all the deflection from him, after Ed told Kyle about Breyer possibly cheating!?)

....Brad, on the other hand, may have to look at this with influence, though; He has NEVER dated, got involved, or 'sowed his oats' after coming out...with us realizing Dennis' past now, It shows that Brad is STILL sittin' in the Bleachers...

...while Kyle has a big BAT to knock outta the PARK...with a BOOTY, too (panel 10)! ...I guess I DID get some ASS! ..ha-HAAA!


W.A. Simpson said...

At last! I was so hoping Kyle would find someone wonderful. Of course we all saw this coming! Excellent!

CQA said...

Right, coach: that Kyle character is the perfect mother-in-law's son-in-law.

How convenient that Dennis popped up right after the relationship with Breyer... passed away... for peeing in the wrong place.

Which reminds me that my favourite episode ever might still be the one in which K and B met at the supermarket or wherever they were talking cheesy things over the counter.


Frank said...

Beautifully drawn and scripted episode - perfect way for this couple to share who they are and express romantic feelings (without the usual noise and drama thrown in).

Joule said...

Brad is going to be PISSED…. I mean PISSED OFF to the highest of PISSTIVITY!!!! 😂😂😂 Not at Coach but at Kyle for stealing his man, I think it’s time Gary came back into the picture.

WranglerMan said...


I LOVE this!!!

Thank you for showing a middle aged, out gay man completely at home with his sexuality finding someone again.

Don't know if Dennis and Kyle will be a thing, but at least you are showing that older gay men can still get it up!!!

Love you, Greg Fox!!!

RBS7079 said...

"...I think it’s time Gary came back into the picture...." ...and, he better bring those HOT THIGHS along with him, too! ...I truly think he'd be a GREAT addition to the B&B!!

SCENARIO: ...Brad is filled with 'pisstivity' over Coach Dennis & Kyle becoming a thing, that his Baseball skills are slipping; Gary notices, and befriends Brad, to the point they start hanging out a lot...

...over burgers One night, Gary (who's VERY straight) tells Brad he'd hang with him more, but he's gotta find a new place to live, because he shacked up with his Ex-Girlfriend.. they broke up, and is (temporarily) living w/ his Mother; Brad tells him a room at the B&B is free (the Barn extension), but Gary may not wanna live there, due to it being a GAY B&B....

..Gary's FINE living with Gays, and moves in...The Pros:

- Hot (straight) Blatino Man in the mix with the B&B'ers
- Brad gets a Buddy who won't get involved with the B&B 'drama'
- Richard gets someone to lust after, & 'bounce' (situational) comedy off of
- Brad & Gary can wear hot NIKE tights / shorts & crops tops, in the backyard
- Gary can always be 1/2 dressed, yet, LOVES the attention from the Gays

.....THINK about it, Sir Greg.... ; )